We all have that show or fictional character that distracts us from reality every once in a while; show's like Game of Thrones. But it's pretty rare to hear of an actor having a deep connection to a character that goes beyond the studio. Game of Thrones meant a lot to almost everyone on this planet, including the cast. Emilia Clarke went through the hardest time of her life while working on that show. Now, Emilia Clarke is saying Daenerys saved her life

Earlier this year, Emilia shared her struggle with a life-threatening medical condition. She was rushed into two life-saving surgeries in the ten years of working on Game of Thrones for two brain aneurysms that needed immediate attention. At one point she thought that she wouldn't be able to continue with her role on the show because of the lengthy recovery process. 

Instead, her role as Daenerys actually saved her life. This is what she told Variety in a recent interview, "I always say Daenerys literally saved my life. It puts you in quite the headspace when you've had a brain injury. So, walking in her shoes, I just put so much more into each season because it really was life or death."

She was also always walking on edge about whether or not her character would die in the early seasons, especially after how much of an impact Daenerys had on her life, literally. 

In the same interview, she went on about just how dependent she was in her belief that Daenerys was helping her heal:

"I felt so powerfully that she was saving me that I couldn't see anything else. I could only see her. I could only see the show. That was my single point of focus that allowed me to not think about anything scarier than just getting on set and learning some fake languages."

It's amazing how much fictional worlds and fictional characters help us during our everyday lives, especially for Emilia Clarke.