Even though November just started a few days ago, it's never too late to start thinking about Christmas. After all, unlike the United States, Canada doesn't have Thanksgiving as a buffer between Halloween and Christmas, so it's open season on Christmas tree shopping as far as we're concerned. Luckily, Amazon Canada has Christmas trees for sale, and some of them aren't even that expensive!

So, what kind of Christmas tree is it going to be this year? Nothing quite brightens up the house like a real pine tree, but let's be honest: getting rid of it after Christmas can be a pain, not to mention the fact that you have to get a new one every single year.

Don't get us wrong: visiting Christmas tree farms can be a blast, and there are definitely a lot of fun tree farms to visit. With an artificial tree, though, you'll have more time to curl up and watch Christmas movies on Netflix. Doesn't everyone want that?

While fake trees used to be looked down on, their practicality and overall usefulness every holiday season has made them the ideal choice for celebrating Christmas. What's better than a tree you can just stick in your basement or the back of a closet until next Christmas?

You can also choose what colour of tree you want, something that nature usually doesn't offer (not yet, at least). Of course, an artificial tree can get pretty pricey if you're looking at certain models. Still, you can easily find some good trees for under $100 on Amazon Canada (with our help, of course).

Aspen Fir Christmas Tree

Price: From $83.99

Why You Need It: It may be artificial, but this tree is an absolute classic. At six feet, it's not too tall to fit in the average living room, and the hinged branches make for easier storage.

Pink Tinsel Tree

Price: From $81.12

Why You Need It: It's a pink Christmas tree! What more could you want? When green gets too boring, this is the kind of tree that can jazz up the holidays a little bit.

Crystal White Christmas Tree

Price: From $90.99

Why You Need It: Because you're dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones you used to know. If pink is too much and green is not quite enough, this white tree can at least match the weather outside.

Slim Pencil Christmas Tree

Price: From $91.99

Why You Need It: Not all of us have a giant living room that's going to easily accommodate a wide tree. So if you need something skinny, this tree is the perfect fit.

Christmas Tree With Lights

Price: From $94.99

Why You Need It: Do you really want to lug out the box of Christmas lights and go through the effort of untangling them every year? This tree has the lights built into it, which is a huge plus for anyone who is sick of checking all the bulbs.

Christmas Tree With Light Snow

Price: From $44.57

Why You Need It: Just because you're curled up inside staying warm doesn't mean that a little touch of snow is a bad thing (as long as it's not the real stuff). This tree gives the impression of being outside with a light dusting.

Spruce Christmas Tree

Price: From $79.99

Why You Need It: Because this tree will definitely "spruce" up your living room. (Sorry.) Still, this is a good old-fashioned green tree, perfect for anyone who wants to keep things looking more natural.

White Christmas Tree With Ornaments

Price: From $69.99

Why You Need It: Alright, enough with the green. This stark white tree will really let all of your ornaments pop. Not only that, but it comes with ornaments as well (in case you don't have any of your own).

Spruce Pencil Tree

Price: From $97.82

Why You Need It: Again, sometimes you just need a skinny tree so you're not taking up so much space in your house (anyone who has seen Christmas Vacation will understand).

Pastel Pink Christmas Tree

Price: From $88.99

Why You Need It: Who needs a tall tree when you've got one that's pink? This adorable little Christmas tree is perfect for small spaces and adds a burst of colour to any room.

Spruce Hinged Christmas Tree

Price: From $69.99

Why You Need It: Because sometimes you just need an old-fashioned Christmas tree, and you can't go wrong with this classic green model. Happy Holidays!

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