All Canadians love a tasty sugary treat, especially when it comes in the shape of our nation's favourite animal tail. Well, if you're a fan of the iconic Canadian delicacy, you'll be happy to hear that in honour National BeaverTails Day, you can get a free BeaverTail in Canada this weekend. 

Our favourite Canadian dessert retailer is offering Canadians a sweet deal this weekend in honour of a special holiday.

You've guessed it, it's National BeaverTails day. On Friday, June 7, 2019 from 2 to 4 PM, BeaverTails will be offering free desserts at all of their participating locations in Canada. 

BeaverTails will be offering two flavours on Friday, the classic Cinnamon & Sugar and their BBQ flavour.

There are 11 stores in Canada that are participating in the sweet event from Quebec to BC.


  • BeaverTails - Queues de Castor (Montreal)


  • Beavertails - Queues de Castor (Kingston)
  • BeaverTails - Niagara Falls
  • Beavertails - Ottawa (Byward)
  • BeaverTails - Queues de Castor (Toronto)


  • BeaverTails - Charlottetown
  • BeaverTails - Halifax Waterfront
  • BeaverTails - Queues de Castor (Newfoundland)


  • BeaverTails - Queues de Castor (Banff)
  • BeaverTails - Queues de Castor (Canmore)
  • BeaverTails - Queues de Castor (Victoria)

For more information on the event, you can visit this link.

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