With so many ways to watch movies these days, you might not be all that interested in going out to an actual theatre to see a film. However, if there is a free ticket involved, you might be persuaded to head out and catch a movie in person. Now, you can get a Cineplex free movie ticket just by eating some cereal from specially marked boxes.

The entertainment company is running a special free movie offer until June 30 where you can find unique voucher codes inside specially marked General Mills cereal and snack boxes.

If you love having a bowl of Lucky Charms or Honey Nut Cheerios or snacking on Fruit By The Foot or granola bars, you're one step closer to getting that complimentary ticket.

There are four different types of offers with this deal.

First, you can get two boxes of cereal with one code each. The two codes will get you a free adult general admission movie ticket.

Second, you can two boxes of snacks and therefore two codes that are good a child's admission.

The third type of offer is a BOGO. Some cereal and snack boxes are marked with another type of code so if you get two of them, you can get two codes for an adult to buy one get one free admission.

The final variation is two boxes of snacks that have two codes for a child's buy one get one free ticket. 

If you go for the BOGO deal, you can take someone along with you for free or hope someone you know offers you their free ticket.

Since each box is clearly marked as either a completely free ticket, BOGO, adult admission or child's admission, you can pick and choose which type of offer you want to take advantage of.

After you've collected two vouchers from two corresponding boxes, you can redeem them online for Sunday to Thursday showtimes.

To make sure that you get your free ticket, pick your theatre, date, movie and showtime and then enter both codes in the Voucher or Promo Code box.

If you really want to elevate the free movie experience, you can redeem the voucher codes from the boxes for VIP, 3D and Ultra AVX admissions but you'll have to pay a surcharge.

All codes must be used by June 30 so go to the grocery store and get those boxes of cereal or snacks for a free movie ticket. 

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