Starbucks turned heads this spring when they released a new line of vibrant tumblers that magically changed hues. People are racing to get colour changing cups from Starbucks so fast that they're not even stopping to consider their options. DavidsTea has a four-pack they're selling for cheap and they might be easier to get your hands on. 

With the arrival of iced coffee season, there's no better feeling than having a bright and cheerful reusable cup to take with you on your adventures.

Cups that change colour as you put in your drink makes you feel like a kid again and somehow make your iced tea (or something stronger?) taste even better.

However, drinking in style comes at a price. It can be expensive to stock your cupboards full of posh tumblers.

Fortunately we can get the same summer vibes without breaking the bank. Plus, no one will ever know there's more than just tea in your cup.

This summer, we're planning to spend a lot more time outdoors than we're used to. Especially if we found ourselves inside for most of the spring.

It's the perfect time to fill up on all the picnic supplies you'll need for the sunny season ahead so that you'll never hit the beach or park unprepared.


If you can find the Starbucks cups, with lids and straws, at a store in Canada, you'd see that they're selling for just over $25.

They have vibrant tones on the entire cup that changes from red to mauve, yellow to orange, or turquoise to royal blue depending on the temperature of the water.

They are impressive, but if you compare them to DavidsTea, selling four for $16, and you have a no-brainer deal. These cups have colour-changing logos and straws that go from light pastel shades to deeper darker hues.

If the Siren logo is a better fit for your brand, then power to you and we look forward to seeing you flex it on the 'gram.

For us poor peasants who want to have fun for less, we might be loading up on these cheaper ones.

Colour Changing Cold Cups Set Of Four

Price: $16.00

Details: You and your squad will be sipping in style this summer with cheap colour-changing cups.

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This article was originally published in French on Narcity Quebec.

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