Big Mac fans are getting an early Christmas present. From December 10 to 16, A McDonald's Canada Big Mac is just $3. What could make this an even better deal? How about the fact that this isn't just any Big Mac, but one that features some new improvements?

The Big Mac is practically a perfect fast-food burger, so you may be wondering how exactly McD's has managed to improve on it

First, the burgers are cooked in smaller batches. That means they spend less time sitting in steamer trays. As a result, they're fresher, hotter, and juicier than ever.

Another improvement is that the onions are added to the patty while it's still on the grill, adding some extra flavour.

The new and improved menu item also features extra mac sauce, which might make things a bit messier, but also tastier.

Finally, they'll also have warmer buns, adding even more freshness to the overall flavour.

McDonald's Canada previously enlisted Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse in an advertising campaign about how it was improving its most classic hamburger with more sauce and a stronger sear on its beef patties.

McDonald's Canada will continue to use patties that are made from 100% Canadian beef.

With more than 1,400 restaurants across the country, it'll be pretty easy to stop in for a brand new Big Mac. Plus, getting one for only $3 is a great deal.

The fast-food chain has already introduced a great new flavour to its menu with the new chipotle fries, but it's great to know that the classics will still be there, and better than ever.

The company also started testing out a new Beyond Meat burger in September. Previously, it had been the only fast-food chain in Canada without any vegan options.

You can get the new, improved Big Mac for $3 at participating locations from now until December 16.

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