There's now a whole other reason to watch a Raptors game, and it's a delicious one. Canadians can soon watch their favourite basketball team and score free food at the same time. The best part is, the Raptors will be doing all the work, and all you have to do to get some free grub is cheer them on. The McDonalds Raptors dream team is officially back, thanks to McDonalds Canada's Free Raptors Fries campaign. 

The Beyond The Arch campaign will be launching for another season to celebrate our love of McDonald's fries and the Toronto Raptors. The campaign originally launched in Ontario last season, and according to a press release, millions of fries were given out for free across the province.

Now, the campaign is expanding to bring the free fries deal to all provinces in Canada, excluding Quebec. Canadians will be able to celebrate Raptors games in the best way possible, with a medium box of McDonald's famous fries. 

You'll have to put your faith in the Raptors in order to get your hands on this deal. The fries are only available when the Raptors score twelve or more three-pointers in a game. According to Montreal Blog, McDonald's gave out eighty-thousand orders of free fries in just game one of the last NBA finals, and that was only in Ontario!


In order to claim your free medium fries, you need to download the McDonald's App, which is free on Google Play and the Apple Store. The food will be available for pick up on the day following the game from 11 a.m. - 4 a.m. You must spend a minimum of one dollar before tax to get the fries, so pick up a burger or coffee to go along with them.

While Quebec isn't included in this promotion, they can claim free McDonald's fries through another sports team! Whenever the Montreal Canadiens score the first goal of a game during hockey season, fans will be able to get the exact same free fries deal. 

The 2019 / 2020 NBA season starts October 22, 2019, so it's time to cheer on the Raptors and dream about free fries.

Free McDonald's Fries

Price: Free

Why You Need It: Treat yourself to some free fries whenever the Raptors score twelve or more three-pointers in a game this NBA season.

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