How often do you order food using delivery services? If you do it a lot, you could earn some savings. The new SkipTheDishes rewards program is launching in Canada soon and you can get discounts on orders.

Skip Rewards is the new loyalty program that's on the way and it lets you earn points on every single order you make with the delivery app.

Plus, you don't need to sign up or pay any sort of fee to start getting points so it's easy to get savings.

Every dollar you spend gets you points and then those can be redeemed for discounts on future orders.

So you can work towards getting a deal when you order a morning coffee from Tim Hortons or an ice cream dessert from Dairy Queen and everything in between.

There are two tiers with this loyalty program, orange and gold.

Everyone starts at the orange status and you earn five points for every dollar you spend.

Once you order twice in one month, you level up to the gold status which earns you 10 points for every dollar spent.

You have to keep ordering with SkipTheDishes twice a month to keep that status though!

If you get delivery often, that probably won't be a problem for you.

Canadians across the country can start earning points in early October.

SkipTheDishes told Narcity that you get dollars off as the reward for this loyalty program. 

So, 1,000 points are redeemable for $1 off.

If you don't want to cash in your points once you've reached 1,000, you can save them.

They're not automatically applied to your next order so you can select "don't use points."

If you want to get the discount, you can select between $2.50, $5, $10, and $15 off under Use Your Points on the checkout page, as long as you have the points to redeem. 

SkipTheDishes recently shared that Calgary and Edmonton have ordered the most takeout in all of Canada. 

Also, Canadians are so into potatoes that almost seven million pounds of them have been sold through the service during the pandemic.

Ontario has the most orders of the versatile vegetable.

In other delivery service news, McDonald's is coming to DoorDash which will bring McDelivery to 33 new communities in Canada.

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