Over the years, Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping events in the Canadian calendar, and this year will be no different. With millions of items going on sale over a matter of hours, it's easy to get caught up in the mayhem and some businesses will take advantage of you if you're not great at math! Thankfully, a new Black Friday Discount Calculator has just launched, and here’s what you need to know about using it.

The online tool was created for The Omni Calculator Project and has been specifically designed to stop bargain-lovers from getting ripped off on the biggest retail weekend of the year.

Creator Hanna Pamula told Narcity, “It’s a tool that lets you sort genuine deals from bad ones. Did you know that a 70% discount is better than a 50%+30% discount? Many people fall prey to this kind of neat trick, and actually end up paying more.”

Pamula's creation helps shoppers by doing the math for them. When sale prices start looking like this: “50% off + 10% off + 10% off,” it’s easy to start getting confused, and the calculator will help you work out what’s actually going on.

Pamula explained, “You need to remember that Black Friday is a feast day not only for shoppers but also for dealers. The offers usually look really convincing, as retailers pull out all the stops with marketing tricks designed to get your guard down.”

The Black Friday calculator has the ability to check out nine different types of deals online.

From any % off, “2 for 1” or “3 for 2” offers, and common double and triple discounts, you can check all your potential savings by using this tool.

The online tool is super easy to use and provides a simple breakdown of your purchase price.

Once you’ve entered the deal you’re considering, and the original price of the product, the Pamula's Calculator will tell you exactly what you’ll be paying and saving, and then gives you a helpful conclusion as to whether it’s actually a good deal or not.

It also has a handy little feature that works out the tax cost, which is especially helpful if you’re ordering multiple things or can’t work out the tax total on your newly discounted items.

Earlier this week, several stores, including Walmart and Amazon, announced the launch of their early end of November Sales.

While most stores won't start offering discounts until November 29, some of Canada's biggest retailers are already offering up to 50% off their best-selling items of the year.

For a complete list of all of Canada's best offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, click here!

Pamula advises shoppers, "Simply ask yourself ten times if you really need this or that, and go for things you wanted to buy anyway, not just because they are discounted on Black Friday."

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