If you're looking for a new winter wardrobe, but don't want to break the bank, Toronto Le Chateaus are currently offering up to 40% off all of their clothes.

The news that Le Chateau was going bankrupt came in late October, when the company filed to have their assets liquidated.

Now, the clothing retailer is trying to get rid of all their clothes woith deep discounts offered at all their locations. 

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Discount on everything in Le Chateau

The deals reach farther than just Toronto too. You can get up to 40% off on all 120+ stores across the country and online.

According to CBC, Le Chateau spent much of the pandemic attempting to sell its company to someone who would keep it operating, but couldn't find a buyer.

Sad news if you're a big fan of the 61-year-old Canadian retail icon, but there is a silver lining — cheap clothes!

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