It's always raining on the West Coast. How else does everything get so green and beautiful? With the rainy season just around the corner, we thought a list of fun B.C. umbrella ideas would be appropriate.

Even though there's a lot of rain, getting an umbrella is probably last on your to-do list because—let's face it—they're a little boring. Instead of begrudgingly picking up an inoffensive drug store umbrella the first time you get caught in the rain this fall, why not proactively pick an umbrella that meshes with your personality? One that you'll be happy to tote around in the rain?

We paired some of the cutest umbrellas imaginable with all the signs of the zodiac. Scroll through the list and see what umbrella is most compatible for you! Here are 12 umbrellas B.C. girls will love this fall based on their zodiac sign:

Aries ♈ Clear Bubble Umbrella

Price: $26.20

Why You Need It: Aries want to be seen, period. They can keep their fly outfits dry and not hide behind a dark umbrella in this fun clear bubble.

Taurus ♉ Tropical Reverse Umbrella

Price: $35

Why You Need It: Taurus tends to be more focused on their inner world, keeping things close to their chest and even being stoic. Have a little fun, but keep it to yourself with this unique backwards umbrella that sports a colourful inside and plain outside.

Gemini ♊

Price: $18

Why You Need It: Gemini likes to have fun and express themselves. They won't let other's opinions get in the way and they'll flaunt this light-up umbrella proudly.

Cancer ♋ Colour-Changing Umbrella

Price: $44

Why You Need It: This water sign can get a little on the moody side so Cancers can cheer themselves up with this colour-changing umbrella. It changes colours as often as their emotions!

Leo ♌

Price: $45

Why You Need It: Two words to describe a Leo are bold and fierce. Nothing is so bold and fierce as an all-over animal print. This one is inverted because Leos like to keep it classy.

Virgo ♍ Andean Llama Umbrella

Price: $39

Why You Need It: Caring Virgos will really resonate with a llama print umbrella because they love animals. Connecting to nature through this fun print will put a smile on their face on a rainy day!

Libra ♎ Herschel Compact Voyage Umbrella

Price: $29.99

Why You Need It: Balanced, practical Libra cares very much about how things look. A B.C. Libra will love the Herschel umbrella for its simplicity and balanced look, especially if they have a Herschel backpack to match!

Scorpio ♏ Plaid WindPro® Auto Open & Close Umbrella

Price: $38.93

Why You Need It: When you think about passionate Scorpio, plaid might not come top of mind. It's a comforting pattern that they'll be attracted to because as a water sign, they crave a grounding influence.

Sagittarius ♐ Stone Scout Umbrella

Price: $75

Why You Need It: Sagittarius is always seeking the adventure and they do not want to let rain get in the way. They'll invest in a sturdy and stylish umbrella like this to keep journeying on!

Capricorn ♑

Price: $48

Why You Need It: Even though Capricorns are notorious for following the rules, they can be a little on the cheeky side! This umbrella is simple but with a hidden inside joke that will have them laughing through any rain shower.

Aquarius ♒ Holo Umbrella

Price: $35

Why You Need It: Aquarius does not care that this is a kids umbrella, they want this magical iridescent umbrella anyway. Free-spirited and eccentric, Aquarius is going to have fun out there in the rain.

Pisces ♓ Sheer Serenity Umbrella

Price: $39

Why You Need It: Empathetic Pisces will love this umbrella because they can just make whatever emotion they're experiencing face forward as they walk through the rain on this hilarious bubble umbrella.


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