Here at Narcity, we're pretty big on brunch. It's all about finding the best spots, the best times and having the best of friends with you. And we're all about it when a new brunch spot opens up and offers you a new and creative twist on dining.

So for your daily, creative twist, how about some magic? And yes, we really do mean magic. A magical Harry Potter themed brunch will be coming to two Canadian cities - Toronto and Vancouver - and looks to take place in July. The event comes from the amazing minds who are setting up the Hot Tub Movie Night and Lego Bar - do you guys just want to move here already?

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The location of the event is still secret and yet to be announced (it's probably hidden under a really big invisibility cloak), but will be announced shortly as tickets go on sale. Sales haven't begun yet, but you can visit their website and sign up for pre-registration (we highly recommend you don't miss out).

The website describes the event as an experience like no other. Dining will be combined with immersive entertainment, and visitors can expect to learn spells, drink magic potions (do mimosas count as being magical?) and eat foods set for a true wizarding feast.

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So forget Diner en Blanc! I'll trade the white and easy-to-stain for my Wizard's robe (and someone tells the Slytherins that they can't sit with me). If anyone needs me I'll be re-watching movies one to seven while sipping some truly magical firewhisky.

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