A&W is gearing up to add yet another plant-based item to their menu. A&W confirmed to Narcity that their new plant-based chicken nuggets will be launching on December 2 in Ontario and British Columbia. However, the new menu item will only be available for a limited time.

The news of the new plant-based nuggets broke on Monday afternoon on the Instagram account of Erin Ireland, founder of To Die For Fine Foods. Ireland, a baker and popular local vegan activist, shared her visit to the A&W test kitchen on her story, where she revealed the new menu item would be hitting select restaurants soon.

A&W Canada confirmed to Narcity that their new vegan nuggets will be launching next week in certain provinces as part of a test to see if Canadians are interested in more plant-based options. 

"Wow. That is so crispy," Ireland says in the video, "You would never know that is not chicken."

According to the caption on Ireland's post about the nuggets, they are made with pea protein (which is also found in Beyond Meat burgers). 

For any nugget lover who knows that you can't really eat them without a sauce for dipping, A&W is also offering barbecue and sweet and sour sauces that are completely plant-based as well.

Erin Ireland was so impressed with the nuggets, that at one point in her Instagram story, she was just sitting in an office and eating them (not a bad way to make a living)!

A&W stated that the nuggets are currently just a promotion, but that if they prove to be successful, "we hope to bring this option back again across the country." The company added that it is excited to see what Canadians think.

"We can’t resist our new Plant-Based Nuggets and we can’t wait for guests in Ontario and British Columbia to taste our delicious new nuggets for themselves," Susan Senecal, President and CEO at A&W Canada said in a press release.

"Nuggets are fun to eat and fun to share and we think Canadians will be very impressed with our new plant-based nuggets for lunch, dinner or any time in between."

The nuggets were created in partnership with Lightlife (owned by Greenleaf Foods), which is focused on creating plant-based foods. The two companies worked together to make the nuggets taste as much like real chicken as possible. 

"We’re thrilled to partner with A&W as they launch their first plant-based nugget on menu," Dan Curtin, President and CEO of Greenleaf Foods said, "A&W is an icon in the Canadian dining landscape, and we’re excited for their guests to experience the taste, texture and satisfaction of Lightlife’s plant-based nuggets."

A&W's Beyond Meat burger has been a hit with Canadians. They have also started offering a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich in Canada which customers have been gobbling up since it launched earlier this year.

A&W has gotten in trouble with Beyond Meat, however. An advertisement featuring Saskatchewan Roughriders fans trying the burgers earned the chain some backlash.

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