Listen up, because we've got all your summertime beverage needs covered. Cactus Club Frosé kits are a thing and you can order them right now. They will even deliver to your door if you live in B.C. or Ontario. These drinks are so good that even Snoop Dog himself endorses them. Yes, Snoop Dog. 

Not long ago, Cactus Club came out to announce their Bellini kits. While these were an obvious hit, the company did not stop there. 

Now, the large restaurant cooperation has announced that they are selling Frosé kits. These drinks are just as delicious as their Bellinis but with the perfect twist for wine-lovers. 

Coming in a bright pink colour, these frozen beverages are made with vodka, rose wine, and a lot of love. Frozen rose, or frosé is a serious hit. 

Even though Cactus Club is closed, you can still get these DIY drink kits at home right now. 

For only $29.50 you will get one bottle of Frosé premix, 100 millilitres of vodka, and 250 millilitres of XOXO Rose wine. 

All you need to make the delicious summertime drinks is a blender and some ice. 

If you don’t have ice, you can buy a bag through the Cactus Club website when you place your order. 

Altogether, the kits are supposed to make four to six servings depending on how big each serving is. 

This drink is so good that Snoop Dog is endorsing it. 

In a video posted on Instagram, the rap star himself gets excited about the Frosé drink being back, even calling it “fro-shizzle.”

We stand by this. 

The video is accompanied by a contest post that reads that anyone that likes the video on Instagram is entered for a chance to win a $200 blender and a $200 DoorDash promo code.

You can also double your chances of winning by sharing the post or posting your own pictures of your at-home Frosé.

Three runners up will also be selected to receive a $50 DoorDash promo code. 

According to the Cactus Club Instagram page, the Frosé kits are available for delivery via DoorDash in only B.C. and Ontario. 

Otherwise, you can visit the Cactus Club website to place your order and pick up your goodies at your closest location. 

Summer is just around the corner and these patio drinks are bound to keep you calm, cool, and quenched. 

DIY Frosé Kits

Price: $29.50

Why You Need To Go: Why leave the house when you can get your favourite frozen beverage at home? This weather is screaming for patio drinks. 

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