Let's face it. The end of the semester absolutely blows. All of your assignments that are worth the most are due all at once, your exams are approaching way too fast, and your motivation is basically non-existent. How does one combat this kind of situation? Caffeine. And lots of it. Or like, tea, if you're like me and don't actually like coffee (yeah, yeah, I'm crazy I know).

One of the best ways to stay motivated is being around a bunch of other people who have motivation. Coffee shops are the perfect place to find a plethora of motivation - café drinks and little sweets to put you in the right frame of mind to grind out all your work. What's better is, these coffee shops are SO cozy, and are also very Instagram friendly for when you need a study break (and to let your feed know that your studious and cute af when you work).

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1. Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters // 2043 33 Ave SW

These boys brew a good cup of joe. The shop is a perfect blend between minimalism and coziness, making it the perfect destination for cramming season.

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2. Analog Coffee // 740 17th Ave SW

This place is artistic af, and the natural lighting is excellent for motivation. Plus it's a prime place for people watching when you need a breather from organic chemistry.

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3. Vintage Caffeine Company // 101 - 19th Street NW

Minimalism at its finest. Perfect for instagrams too. Although their chairs aren't the comfiest, their aesthetic makes up for it.

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4. Monogram Coffee // 800 49th Ave SW

This place is so cute, and the service is 10/10 friendly. Sometimes simplicity is the best backdrop for when your head is being crammed with a semester's worth of knowledge, and their minimalism is the perfect example.

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5. Rosso Coffee Roasters // 1402 9th Ave SE

If you need somewhere to grind, this place has you covered. It's totally one of the top contenders for aesthetic excellence too. With all that natural light you'll be feeling fine and ready to grind (that rhymed... almost).

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6. Friends Cappuccino Bar and Bake Shop // 45 Edenwold Dr NW

With cozy mountain vibes, this coffee spot will help you escape the black hole that is university. This place has dark woodsy vibes, so I recommend going during the day if you're going to be stationed there working for a while!

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7. Higher Ground Cafe // 1126 Kensington Rd NW

This place has "your friendly neighbourhood coffee shop" down pat. Also, live music while studying? Yes please!

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8. Philosafy Coffee // 632 17 Ave SW

This place has the coolest way of brewing coffee, go check it out. This also means it's a great place to bring your coffee-snob friends on non-studying occasions.

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9. Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar // 909 10 Street SE

This spacious place has room for you and a couple of your studious friends too! Also, I swear everyone in this place is always in a good mood and smiling, so it's the perfect place to lift up your spirits as you study!

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10. Presotea // 614 17 Avenue SW

First of all, how cool is that light. Second of all, how cool is that light. If you're looking for a place free of distractions, this minimalistic vibe has you covered.

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11. DeVille Coffee // 807 1st Street SW

One of the coziest spots of them all. There's something about this place that just makes you feel so relaxed. Perhaps it's the warm light coming off the red overhead lamps, or maybe it's the smell of coffee and silent hum of customer chatter.

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12. Our Daily Brett // 2509 14 St SW

Not only is this place great to study with a warm drink, it's also a little market! Perfect for finding a healthy snack to keep ya going, or for grabbing a cute gift to give to your BFF to motivate them!

Now go forth, and crack open those books!

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