When it comes time to go out to grab a bite at a restaurant, it's easy enough to pick a familiar favourite, and have that become your go-to hangout. Whether it's for wing Wednesday with the boys, or Sunday brunch with the girls, it's easy to become comfortable in the same spot every week.

We think that it's time to break out of that routine. How will you ever find a new favourite if you don't switch it up from time to time, and try something new? Sure, there's that one spot Downtown with that really great mimosa you look forward to every time you visit, but what if there's another spot, with an even better drink that you've been missing out on?

Calgary is a city that's full of great, lowkey spots to grab a bite. It's just a matter of taking the time to find them, and then making the time to check them out. Even if you're swamped with studying for finals, and have convinced yourself you have no time to explore, think again. Lowkey cafes can actually be some of the best places to get your cramming done, or to distract yourself by people watching.

Don't let your life become a boring routine, especially during your golden years; head to a new part of town, and try out one of our great cities' best kept secrets. There's no time like the present to treat yourself.

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The Coup

Where: 924 17 Ave SW // Downtown

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Type: Vegetarian

Most popular item: Falafel Quesadilla

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Delicious, affordable vegetarian food can be hard to come by. The Coup offers all of that, on top of great service, and a beautifully decorated interior.


Naina's Kitchen

Where: 121 17 Ave SE // Downtown

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Type: Canadian/Burgers

Most popular item: Pulled Pork Stuffed Burger

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: If you're a burger fanatic, this place will have you coming back time and time again. Their menu has an insane variety of stuffed burgers, and other interesting items, including Dill Pickle Poutine.


anew Table

Where: 3574 Garrison Gate SW // Marda Loop

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Type: French

Most popular item: 5 Course Menu

Price: 💸💸💸💸

Why you should go: anew Table has been called one of the best tasting menus Calgary has to offer. Although pricey, the quality and amount of food you get is totally worth the cost.


Delicious Thai

Where: 314 10 Street NW // Kensington

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Type: Thai

Most popular item: BBQ Beef Salad

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Located in the cute and exciting neighbourhood of Kensington, Delicious Thai has a great reputation for serving up delicious Thai food, seven days a week.


Double Zero Pizza Chinook

Where: 6455 Macleod Trail SW // Meadowland Park

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Type: Pizza

Most popular item: Polynesian Princess

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: If you find yourself with a hankering for pizza while shopping in Chinook, there's no better spot to visit than Double Zero. Serving up authentic Italian pizza, and a great selection of local beers, you won't be disappointed.


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Container Bar

Where: 1131 Kensington Road NW // Kensington

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Type: Cocktail Bar

Most popular item: Pigs Ears

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Container Bar is located in an alley in Kensington, and is always serving up interesting treats, like Spiced Popcorn and Boiled Peanuts.


LOCAL Public Eatery

Where: 310 8 Ave SW // Downtown

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Type: Canadian

Most popular item: Fish Tacos

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: LOCAL has a super casual and comfortable ambience, as well as a great selection of local beers. It's perfect for a first date, or hanging out with coworkers.


Pig & Duke

Where: 1312 12th Ave SW // Connaught

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Type: Pub

Most popular item: Duke Burger

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Pig & Duke is a great place to snack on tasty appetizers with friends, including Calamari, Pork Gyoza, and Wild Boar Taquitos.


Fionn MacCool's Irish Pub

Where: 255 Barclay Parade SW // Eau Claire

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via @fionnmaccoolseauclaireyyc

Type: Bar

Most popular item: Guiness Burger

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Fionn MacCool's has a reputation as a pleasant pub that's not only a great place for a bite to eat and a drink, but also to hangout and catch up with friends.


Gallagher's Pub

Where: 5010 4 Street NE // Greenview

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Type: American

Most popular item: Cheeseburger Pizza

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Gallagher's is known as a hot spot in Calgary for pub food, and their wings are known to be especially noteworthy.


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Sucre Patisserie & Cafe

Where: 1007 8 Street SW // Downtown

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Type: Bakery

Most popular item: Almond Crossiant

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: This cafe is nestled into Downtown YYC, and will look super great on your Instagram feed. Their vanilla latte is known to be especially delicious, and they've got a great assortment of pastries.


Velvet Cafe

Where: 502 25 Ave NW // Mount Pleasant

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Type: Cafe

Most popular item: Tuna Melt

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: This place is a favourite for not only Calgarians, but also for tourists as well. They're known for supporting local, and always providing quality treats and drinks.


Cafe Fresco

Where: 500 Royal Oak Drive NW // Royal Oak

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Type: Cafe

Most popular item: Banana Bread

Price: 💸

Why you should go: Cafe Fresco is relatively new to Calgary, but has gained a great reputation since opening it's doors. All their speciality drinks and treats are to die for, and they've started serving beer and wine.


Cafe 100%

Where: 30 Country Hills Landing NW // Country Hills

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Type: Cafe

Most popular item: Hainanese Chicken

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Cafe 100% is known to be quick, delicious, and reasonably priced. The interior is tasteful and well decorated, and the menu has something everyone will love.


1886 Buffalo Cafe

Where: 187 Barclay Parade SW // Eau Claire

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Type: Cafe

Most popular item: Breakfast Burrito

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: This is a great spot to grab breakfast, or sip on coffee while you catch up with friends.


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The Holy Grill

Where: 827 10 Ave SW // Beltline

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Type: Breakfast & Brunch

Most popular item: Bacon Avocado Crisp

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: The Holy Grill has quick and amazing service, a great menu, and it's super Instagramable.



Where: 19489 Seton Crescent SE // Seton

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Type: Breakfast & Brunch

Most popular item: Sunday Market Brunch

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Starbelly is a classic, trendy spot that's definitely worth the drive to SE Calgary. Their Sunday Brunch buffet is a fan favourite, and will leave you wanting to come back time and time again.



Where: 340 13 Ave SW // Downtown

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Type: Breakfast & Brunch

Most popular item: Eggnog Tiramisu

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Provision is a relatively new spot in YYC, but it's quickly becoming popular. They have a great menu for any time of day, but their desserts are especially noteworthy.


Benny's Breakfast Bar

Where: 7007 11 Street SE // Fairview

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Type: Breakfast & Brunch

Most popular item: Eggs Benny

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: If classic diners are your thing, you'll want to visit this place. Benny's has an insane selection of Eggs Benedict on their menu, so you can try something new every time.


The Lazy Loaf & Kettle

Where: 8 Parkdale Crescent NW // Parkdale

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Type: Breakfast & Brunch

Most popular item: BLT Sandwich

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: The Lazy Loaf is well known for its great service, cozy atmosphere, and awesome menu. You can personally customize your sandwich, and the portion sizes will definitely leave you satisfied.


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