Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. And possibly, the most delicious. However, sometimes we have a hard time getting in a hearty breakfast because we're either running out the door or because the process of making a large breakfast can be rather dreadful and often time-consuming.

But worry not, friends. Let a wonderful breakfast professional do it for you. Whether it's eggs, bacon, grits or sausage - Calgary has tons of breakfast restaurants that will save you a bit of time and give you peace of mind about your most important meal.

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Breakfast can often be pricey, which is why we've decided to put together this list of places that you can get a delicious, hearty breakfast without having to break the bank. Check out these 8 breakfast/brunch spots around YYC that'll give you delicious morning meal for $12 or less!

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Diner Deluxe // 804 Edmonton Trail NE

If you want to indulge in the best breakfast poutine you've ever had, visit Diner Deluxe on Edmonton Trail. They've got a bunch of breakfast selections under $12, such as their delicious Diner Deluxe Pancakes, Breakfast Poutine and Classic Breakfast, if you like to keep it simple.

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Manuel Latruwe Patisserie // 1333 1st Street SE

If you're in for a quick, simple and delicious breakfast, visit the Belgian Cafe, Manuel Latruwe Patisserie. Delicious breakfast options at affordable prices (almost all under $12!) Although, you might find yourself walking out with a bag full of baked goods.

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Blue Star Diner // 809 1st Avenue NE

Blue Star Diner is the perfect YYC breakfast spot to get a hearty meal without breaking the bank! They have a menu full of options like their blueberry banana pancakes, two eggs combo with hashbrowns & toast and hot cereal for under $15!

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Galaxie Diner // 1411 11th Street SW

The godfather of All Day Breakfast/All Day Lunches. Galaxie Diner offers a plethora of All Day breakfast options that'll solve any breakfast dilemma. From a "Traditional Breakfast" to Breakfast Burritos, this 1940's-inspired diner will definitely give you a great ol' fashioned breakfast without emptying your pockets.

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Belmont Diner // 2008 33rd Avenue SW

This beautiful diner in Marda Loop offers many delicious and affordable breakfast options. A quick bite at Belmont Diner wouldn't cost you more than $12. From appetizing Traditional Breakfasts to "B.O.B"s (Breakfast on a Bun), Belmont Diner is guaranteed to satisfy your morning hunger.

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Lazy Loaf & Kettle // 8 Parkdale Crescent NW

If you love hashbrowns, french toast, and all that jazz, Lazy Loaf & Kettle is the perfect breakfast spot for you. With completely affordable prices, Lazy Loaf & Kettle is a great place to grab a quick bite before you start your day without spending all your money.

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Vendome Cafe // 940 2nd Ave NW

Enjoy a lovely breakfast/brunch at Vendome Cafe! Vendome serves items on their breakfast menu in full and half orders, so you can decide if you're in for a quick bite or a big breakfast. Vendome Cafe will definitely give you an energizing meal for a great price.

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The Main Dish // 903 General Ave NE

The perfect breakfast spot for health nuts on a budget! If you love healthy and energizing breakfasts, The Main Dish is the perfect place for you to get the meal you need on a budget. Their menu is super affordable and the meals are super delicious.

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