Food-gramming. We've all been guilty of it. How else is the world supposed to know about the super cute macaron you and your girlfriends had for lunch today? I mean, is going out to eat really worth it if you can't get a cute IG pic out of the meal?

Coffee shops and cafes are probably the best places to step up your food-gramming game. Here's a list of 9 Calgary cafes, that'll ensure that you and your friends basically have the coolest Instagram pages in all of YYC.

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Ladybug & Cafe // 2132-10 Aspen Stone Blvd SW

If you can't already sense the adorableness of this cafe, then just look at the name. Ladybug & Cafe is one of Calgary's cutest spots in the southwest. With an enormous range of breakfast, lunch and snack options, Ladybug & Cafe is definitely going to bring some deliciousness to your IG (and your life.)

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Monogram Coffee // 4814 16 St SW

Coffee lovers, this one's for you. Not only is Monogram Coffee Instagram-worthy, but it is also delicious. It's conveniently placed downtown, so you can enjoy the beauty of city while sipping on that glorious morning java.

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Brown Sugar Bake Shop // 109-235 Milligan Drive

Brown sugar, pumpkin spice and everything nice. Brown Sugar is cafe perfection, serving everything from soups and sandwiches to sweet bakery treats. Not to mention, they offer gluten-free options. The perfect cafe to catch up with friends, or homework (yay for free WiFi!) if you're able to put your cupcake down.

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Philosafy Coffee // 632 17 Ave SW

I don't know if we can classify Philosafy Coffee as "cute," because honestly... this cafe is just plain beautiful. I can't quite pinpoint what it is about this coffee shop that is so aesthetically satisfying but it truly is an experience. Not to mention, their coffee is absolutely glorious.

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Higher Ground Cafe // 1126 Kensington Rd NW

Of course, we had to mention the cafe voted Calgary's Top Choice Cafe 2016. Need I say more?

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Ollia Macarons & Tea // 810C 16 Ave SW

Sweets are as cute as the shop. Ollia Macarons & Tea is a popular one amongst Calgarians. The shop is so cute and colorful. Total Breakfast at Tiffany's vibes.

via @miniinaaz

Cafe Blanca // 240 Riverfront Ave SW

Cafe Blanca just may have some of the prettiest wall art. It's definitely hard not to feel totally at ease in this adorable cafe. On second thought, maybe I don't need that extra shot of espresso.

via @lukeybowtell

Analog Coffee // 740 17th Ave SW

Analog Coffee is YYC's hipster coffee paradise. This coffee shop has an amazingly rad selection of tunes and a killer record collection. Not to mention the delicious iced coffees. Totally instagram-worthy.

via @b.vibes

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters // 2043 33 Ave SW

Start your morning off right with your new BFFs, Phil & Sebastian. Let me tell ya, these boys make a mean cup of joe. Not only is this coffee shop adorable, it also has a fantastic story about how it came to be, so go in and be sure to ask them about it!

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