Your sunny day pub walk is about to get a whole lot better. One of the bars you know and love is almost done their massive expansion just in time for it to get warmer out. According to an email sent to Narcity, CRAFT Calgary is opening a stunning rooftop patio this spring that is seriously massive. Prepare for day drinking, game days, and all of the fun in the sun you can handle. 

CRAFT is a huge restaurant and beer market that features over 100 beers on tap. 

Last year, the company announced that they would be renovating and bringing an even bigger and better location to our city. 

The pub, located on 10th Avenue, closed back in July of last year and we missed it dearly during summer 2019. 

While we couldn’t hit up our favourite beer spot for the last remaining days of summer, it was all for a good cause. 

The company was expanding its space to have a 300 person capacity and a perfectly huge rooftop patio.

The inside has since re-opened but we are still eagerly awaiting that sweet, sweet patio.

CRAFT hasn't specified how large the patio will be exactly, but they have sent Narcity some in-progress photos and it looks beyond big. 

In the photos, you can see that the patio completely takes over the entire top of the restaurant. 

This monstrous rooftop patio will totally be big enough to host your entire crew once it’s open. 

According to Global News, the patio will be opening the spring of 2020.

There is no exact opening date yet but a spokesperson for CRAFT told us that we can look forward to an opening around late April 2020.

Calgary has no shortage of jobs and once this addition is open, there will be even more. 

Since the restaurant will be doubling in size, more employees will need to be added to the roster. 

Once renovations are over, about 100 new jobs will be needing to be filled. About 30% of these will be full-time positions. 

According to a spokesperson for CRAFT, "The rooftop will feature a 1972 Volkswagon Cocktailia bar." That means you'll be getting your drinks from a retro VW van. Sounds picture perfect to us.

CRAFT is known for creating over the top patios and even has an epic one in Kelowna. 

This B.C. location is right in the heart of downtown and features amazing things like shuffleboard, bean bag toss, and water misters for when it’s unbearably hot out. 

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