Maybe you're at that point in your life where you're over clubbing, but still want to enjoy a night out with friends. Just because you're getting older, doesn't mean that your crazy Friday nights have to end; you can just keep them more lowkey at one of Calgary's best bars.

The bar scene in Calgary is actually pretty incredible, and not only Downtown, like a lot of people think. If you're looking to enjoy some drinks in your own hood, we've got just the list for you:





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Bootlegger's Sports Bar & Karaoke Lounge

Where: 3444 32 Ave NE // Forest Lawn

Best drink special: "Saturday Mingle", which features $1 of sangria, 1/2 price bottles of wine, and $5 Jager and Jose Cuervo shots

Price: 💸 💸

Why you should go: Chicken wings and karaoke. Name a more iconic duo; I'll wait.


Pizza Brew - Minha's Micro Brewery

Where: 1314 44 Ave NE // McCall Lake Area

Best drink special: Happy hours run from 3-5, Tuesday to Saturday

Price: 💸

Why you should go: If you've ever wanted to watch the beer making process before enjoying a cold one, look no further. Minha's also makes all kinds of tasty wines and hard sodas.


Toad n' Turtle Pubhouse & Grill

Where: 2475 27 Ave NE // Barlow

Best drink special: Saturdays feature $5 highballs all day and night, and $1 off Caesars from open - 2pm.

Price: 💸 💸

Why you should go: With drink specials every day of the week, and a menu that caters to everyone's tastes, you'll never get tired of coming here.

The Dandy Brewing Co

Where: 11, 1826 25 Ave NE // Sunridge

Best drink special: N/A, but they do offer a new, unique flavour of beer for every season!

Price: 💸 💸

Why you should go: If you're the kind of person who dislikes beer, this place may change your opinion. They offer a ton of unique flavours that appeal to everyone's tastebuds.


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Tudor Rose

Where: 800 - 1100 Pantella Blvd NW // Panorama Hills

Best drink special: Sunday features $5 Mojito's and $6 Bellini's

Price: 💸 💸 💸

Why you should go: Tudor Rose is a bit more elegant than your average drink spot, so it may be more ideal for a date, or a work party, but it's still worth checking out


Kensington Pub

Where: 207 10A Street NW // Kensington

Best drink special: $3 off any 9 oz. glass of wine on Thursdays

Price: 💸 💸

Why you should go: This is a pub with more than just great food and drinks, it's got personality. The decor is cute and cozy, and will always look great on your Instagram.


Moose McGuire's

Where: 25-1941 Uxbridge Drive NW // University Heights

Best drink special: Happy hour runs from 4 - 8 every Monday - Friday, and includes $4 highballs and $4.50 Big Rock draught

Price: 💸

Why you should go: Sorry U of C students, we had to put your hidden gem on blast. Super cheap eats and drinks, and always friendly service make Moose's so great.

The Last Straw Ale House

Where: 11300 Tuscany Boulevard NW // Tuscany

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Kilt & Caber Ale House

Where: 53 High Street SE // McKenzie Towne

Best drink special: 1/2 price wine and $5 bottles of Heineken and Corona on Thursdays

Price: 💸 💸

Why you should go: Everyone knows that the Scottish know how to do alcohol, so why not get a little taste of it right here in Calgary?


The Hose & Hound Neighbourhood Pub

Where: 1030 9 Ave SE // Inglewood and Ramsay

Best drink special: $5 house Tequila on Tuesdays

Price: 💸 💸

Why you should go: Not only is the food great, there's also a lot of history in this building. Hose and Hound was built in Calgary's original Firehall #3, which was constructed in 1906.


The Berwick Public House

Where: 356 Cranston Road SE // Cranston

Best drink special: $1 of craft draft on Fridays

Price: 💸 💸  💸

Why you should go: The Berwick is another place with a lot of historical significance, on top of all the great food and drinks they have.


Border Crossing

Where: 1814 36 Street SE // Southview

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Wild Rose Brewery

Where: 4580 Quesnay Wood Dr SW // Rutland Park

Best drink special: N/A, but the variety of beer flavours will definitely have you drooling

Price: 💸  💸

Why you should go: Calgary's brewery scene is something we should all be proud of. If you have the chance, take a tour of Wild Rose and find a new favourite flavour. 


1600 World Bier Haus

Where: 100A, 1600 - 90 Ave SW // Palliser

Best drink special: 1/2 price bottles of wine, and $6 Blue Buck on Thursdays

Price: 💸  💸 💸

Why you should go: You can travel all around the world just from stepping through these doors. 1600 Bier Haus has a constantly evolving list of World biers.


The Trop

Where: 1501 34 Ave SW // Altadore

Best drink special: 1/2 price wine every Thursday

Price: 💸 💸 💸

Why you should go: The Trop is the perfect hangout for millennials. They're all about culture and fun, with live music and great food and drinks.  


Browns Social House

Where: 880 16 Ave SW // Downtown

Best drink special: Great specials every day of the week

Price: 💸  💸

Why you should go: Literally the best peach bellini you will find anywhere, ever.


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