The sun is shining and summer temperatures are here which means one thing and one thing only: it's ice cream time. The perfect way to beat the heat is a day-long ice cream road trip that takes you to all of the best ice cream spots in the city. 

The best part is, we've already done the hard part of deciding where to go so you don't have to. Grab the gang, get in the car, and get ready for #DessertDay2018. 

Here's the map: 

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1. Marble Slab Creamery // 6455 Macleod Trail SW

Although "the slab" is a franchise, they serve up ice cream in a super unique way. You choose your ice cream, choose your toppings (and they're unlimited all for the same price!), and they mix it all up on a frozen marble slab. Totally customizable and totally tasty!

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2. My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe // 2048 42 Ave SW

This classic Calgary spot may just be your new favourite ice cream shoppe (ha..ha ha)! Their old-school feel and classic cones are just unbeatable. Plus, they have a huge wall mural outside that is perfect for a cute IG.

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3. Scrollio Handcrafted Desserts // 1107 17 Ave SW

Does ice cream taste better in rolled form or is that just me? This place pours liquid ice cream over a cold surface, and as it hardens they spread it out, roll it up, and serve it up with some sweet toppings. 

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4. Made by Marcus Microcreamery // 1013 17 Ave SW 

Although this is a 'micro-creamery', there isn't anything 'micro' about these ice cream treats. They also serve up some unique flavours you won't find anywhere else, such as Matcha White Chocolate and Purple Yam Passionfruit Marshmallow.

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5. Village Ice Cream // 431 10 Ave SE

Village is quite possibly the most iconic Calgary ice cream brand, which means if you haven't been there yet you need to wake the heck up! They also have some non-dairy options for all you lactose intolerant folk!

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6. Fiasco Gelato // 221 19 St SE 

Technically gelato isn't ice cream... but this place is too good NOT to be on the list. Their sorbet flavours are dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and fat-free, so if you're looking for a healthier dessert option while not sacrificing taste, this is definitely where you need to go!

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7. Lukes Drug Mart // 112 4 St NE

A drug mart that doubles as an ice cream store? Yes, please! Shoppers Drug Mart, step your game up. Lukes also has one of the most iconic wall murals in the whole city that will provide the perfect backdrop to your IG or snap story. 

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8. Burger 320 // 814 1 Ave NE

This burger joint also serves up numerous frozen delights, including ice cream tacos. Yes, you heard that correct. They also have some of the most epic and over the top milkshakes you've ever seen. 

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9. Peter's Drive-In // 219 16 Ave NE

Peter's is Calgary's sweetheart, and is not only the place to go if you need some greasy grub, but is also a standard place to grab a classic sundae or tasty milkshake. 

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10. Leavitt's Ice Cream Shop (LICS) // 3410 3 Ave NW

This old-school ice creamery has been serving up classic cones since 1982. It's the perfect pitstop if you're taking a Sunday stroll along The Bow river, or if you're concluding a day-long ice cream adventure like this one. 

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