Canada's most famous dairy product may be the famous cheese curds topping our poutine. However, they're not bringing home any major awards. That honour goes to a Canadian cheese company whose aged cheddar managed to snag a prestigious prize.

Agropur managed to pick up both the "Best Cheddar Aged Two Years or Longer" and "Best Cheddar Aged One to Two Years" titles at this year's World Championship Cheese Contest.

Yes, there really is a cheese contest, and it is held in Madison, Wisconsin every two years. The jury is made up of 55 experts recognized by the world's top master cheesemakers. Apparently cheese is serious business.

The dairy cooperative's three-year-old cheddar also managed to snag a spot in the top 20 cheeses in the competition. Not too shabby!

In total, the company racked up 13 awards over the course of the contest, including six golds. Basically, you could think of this whole thing as the Olympics of cheese, and Canada was dominating.

The now award-winning cheddars were produced at Agropur's Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, Quebec plant. 

"We are proud to announce that Agropur cheeses have won no less than 13 awards in different categories at the World Championship Cheese Contest 2020 (@cheesecontest). Congratulations to all our members and employees!" Agropur wrote in a tweet.

The company also won awards for its provolone (both regular and smoked) which are made at plants located in the United States.

Agropur has been around since 1938, so they have had plenty of time to master the art of cheesemaking. The cooperative is made up of 3,024 members and 8,800 employees, and it raked in $7.3 billion in sales for 2019.

Some of the cooperative's other brands include Sealtest, Natrel, OKA, and iÖGO. 

There has been a lot of cheese-related news in Canada in the last few weeks, with Philadelphia cream cheese also beginning its search for a new angel in its commercials.

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