Cheap meals are hard to find without a doubt. And we also agree that Edmontonians should never have to spend their entire paycheque on food alone but sometimes, it has come down to it. Every restaurant in Edmonton looks tempting af and it is so hard not to go in and scarf down everything on the menu. It's even harder looking at the bill only to see a bunch of zeros.

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What we are trying to say is, you don't need to sacrifice your paycheque to satisfy your taste buds. All you have to do is follow this list of 12 spots in Edmonton that serve meals for under $12. Your taste buds and wallet will thank you, we promise!

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Elm Cafe // 10140 117 St NW

Elm Cafe offers food that will fill you up, for a low price. We recommend you try their $8 soups as well as their $4 sandwiches if you have any room left.

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District Cafe & Bakery // 101 - 10011 109 Street

This cute spot is located in Downtown Edmonton, and it has the most beautiful aesthetic, next to the delicious food and coffee of course. We recommend you try their feature soup. Can either be served in a cup or bowl, the price is $4-$6. Be sure to order a nice drink to top it off!

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Ikki Izakaya // 11931 Jasper Ave NW

At Ikki Izakaya, we suggest you indulge in some of the cold tapas for they are not only delicious, but they will go easy on your wallet. From the seaweed salad, hiyayakko, takowasabi, tamago and more. YUM!


Chianti Cafe & Restaurant // 10501  82 Ave

Come indulge in some delicious Italian cuisine, at a good price! We suggest you have a look at the bruschetta for $6.50, the olive nere al aglio for $5, and the started insalatas for $5. Your wallet will appreciate you!

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SFC Seoul Fried Chicken // 7904 104 St NW

We have heard nothing but good things about SFC Fried Chicken! If you're eating on a budget, we suggest you lean towards the potato slaw ($6), the house of fries ($3), and the corn fritter ($1).

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Commodore Restaurant // 10712 Jasper Ave

This restaurant definitely brings back some nostalgic memories. It looks like a dive on the inside and the food there is divine... and cheap. From their hamburger deluxe ($6.50), cheeseburger deluxe ($6.95), and their variety of sandwiches and soups. You will have plenty to choose from!

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Blue Plate Diner // 10145 104 St NW

Located on 104th street, it is said that Justin Bieber came here a few years back when he was romantically involved with Selena Gomez. Now we understand why, the salads and their mac and cheese... OMG!

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Sunbake Pita Bakery // 10728 134 Ave NW

From their meat mannakeesh, veggie mannakeesh, and ultimate mannakeesh. You'll be happy to know that they are priced from $4.25 to $6.00. And, they'll fill you up!

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Bistro Praha // 10117 101 Street

Come check out this gourmet cafe in the city! They got all kinds of delicacies to choose from, all for a great price! From their barbeque ham sandwiches ($3.75), crabmeat salad ($3.75), pickled rolled herring ($6.95), and their coffee and espressos ($3.95).

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Free Press Bistro // 10014 104 Street

This local spot is inspired by two things: sandwiches and newspapers. Speaking of sandwiches, just looking at their menu makes our mouthes and wallets drool. From the grilled ciabatta wedges ($4.95), the soup ($5.95), and the potato chips ($5.95).

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Woodrack Cafe // Unit 101 7603 109 Street 

This cute little gem is the pinnacle of all Instagram photos for the aesthetic is minimal and chic. We suggest you try their whoopie pies, as well as their nacho platter. Your empty stomach will appreciate it! Oh, and don't forget their coffee and espressos.

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Nomiya // 11160 Ellerslie Rd SW

We suggest you check out the starter lunch menu upon arrival at Nomiya. From the yaki gyoza ($5.95), takoyaki octopus balls ($5.95), hiyashi wakame ($5.95), 3 piece nigiri sushi ($6.25), and more.

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