We all use Instagram for a variety of reasons (showcase our food, cat(s), selfies etc.). It’s basically a visual diary that reflects our aesthetic and gives us a chance to connect with people that actually give a sh!t about what we post.

And if you were wanting to improve your feed and give off the illusion of being super cool (or perhaps--unlike with me, it’s an accurate portrayal in your case), there’s a tonne of cool spots in YEG that will add some some flair to your photos.

Here’s a few of the many super photogenic/unique locations in Edmonton that will help you step up your IG game. #YEG #Instafamous

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Alberta Legislature Building

This is an architecturally beautiful building, situated on gorgeous well-kept grounds. So, it’s easy to snap a great photo in this area. You even have the symmetrical row of fountains in front of the building. It’s all so perfect.

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Fort Edmonton Park

This is Canada’s largest living history museum. With all the charming old buildings, you're guaranteed a unique photo. So many cool retro signs/buildings!

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Old Strathcona Farmer's Market Building.

The brick wall of this market has proven to be a popular backdrop for a lot of Edmonontian Ingstagrammers. Another popular spot is the murals or street art on and/or near the building.

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...Or inside the Old Strathcona Farmer's Market Building

Whereas the building itself has always been an IG favourite, this year proved that the market inside made for some lovely photos. Bright photos of produce seem to be a growing trend on Instagram these days.

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Ernest Brown Block Building

Another beautiful. retro-looking building with a sign that begs to be photographed.

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Whyte Ave.

The vibe of Whyte Ave. is definitely worth being captured. This street will add the perfect amount of character to your photos.

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124 Street

With numerous art galleries and murals, this street cements itself as a go-to locale for beautiful IG photos.

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River Valley Views

Any high ground in many of the  River Valley Parks will give you some seriously amazing views of the city/river/both.

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Downtown / Jasper Ave.

With lots of tall buildings and signage, a little bit of creativity will get you a super cool photo.

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High level Bridge

This bridge is featured in a lot of local Instagram feeds, and it's easy to see why.

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The End of The World

Despite the morbid name, this is a super photogenic area! Just be extremely cautious when taking photos, because there's a huge drop-off.

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Muttart Conservatory

These distinctive pyramids add so much to Edmonton's skyline. A photo of these gems will bring you a whole lot of likes.

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Neon Sign Museum

Our Neon Sign Museum is super cool! The retro/vintage signs will be a great addition to your IG feed.

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