Alright, we are not the type to spill the tea but for this article, we had to. We know with the winter season, everyone wants to warm up with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea but sometimes, you just have to switch it up a little. Imagine a Taiwanese tea-based drink that comes in a variety of flavors and is finished with chewy tapioca balls at the bottom? We call it bubble tea! Are you convinced yet?

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If the answer is no, might we suggest that you have a look at the list below where we feature 16 spots to get bubble tea. Just thinking about this amazing tea drink makes us feel bubbly on the inside... HA! Get it? Okay before we get carried away with the punchlines, have a look at the list below! We promise you won't be disappointed!

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Dream Tea House // 7912 104 St NW (multiple location)

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Bubbletopia // 16761 91 St NW

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Quickly Premium Bubble Tea // 5818 111 Street NW

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 The Tea Place Ltd // 6655 178 Street

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 Rainbow Bubble Tea // 12818 82 St NW

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Taiwan Bubble // 10903 23 Ave NW

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Coco Tea & Juice // 10147 109 Street NW

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 Purple Bubble Tea Store // 10588 109 Street

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 Yumioca Bubble Tea // 5940-104 Street NW

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Boba Island // 10588 100 Street

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 Teapsy Cafe // 9959 82 Ave

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Tea Fusion // 10200 100 St NW

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 Chatime // 10405 Jasper Ave (more than 1 location)

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 Bubble King // 8882 170 Street Northwest

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Gong Cha // 10236 103 Street NW

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Q Tea Bubble Tea // 8770 170 St NW

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