Two commonly enjoyed foods: chicken and waffles--combined into one menu item, resulting in a meal that’s the perfect combination of both savoury and sweet. You may feel like you’re sort of having dessert, but can also justify it as an actual meal (perfect transition for all of us still learning how to "adult", and trying our hardest to not eat cake for breakfast).

This soul food dish is the epitome of comfort food and its popularity is evident as it seems to show up on the menus of many restaurants in Edmonton.

So when you're in the mood for Chicken and Waffles, here are some of the amazing spots in the city that serve up this deliciousness.

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Sugarbowl // 10922 88th Ave

Maple butter, waffles, spiced marinated chicken. Yes, please and thank you!

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The Common // 9910 109 St NW

So I'll leave you with this one tidbit: goat cheese butter, and bacon waffle. But seriously. These are some next-level chicken and waffles.

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Canteen // 10522 124 St NW

The buttermilk fried chicken and belgian waffle is perfectly complimented by their smoked syrup (available during brunch). So many flavour explosions ?

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Coco Deep Fried Chicken // 3350 Parsons Rd NW (more than one location)

The chicken is so crispy and unbelievably tasty! You gotta try this dish.

The Dish Bistro (and the Runaway Spoon) //  12417 Stony Plain Rd NW

Green onion and Cheddar buttermilk waffle *drops mic*

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Daravara // 10713 124 St NW

They say a picture says a thousand words. Just look at the picture above! Are you hungry yet?

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Soda Jerks // 17520 100 Ave NW (multiple locations)

You are given a crazy amount of options to make your own "burger", and considering chicken and waffles are both on the menu--you can use that creative mind of yours and put two and two together (I mean--quite literally put it together).

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Meat // 8216 104 St NW

Go to Meat for brunch if you desire happiness and deliciousness. Their fried chicken and waffles are ?

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Ampersand 27 // 10612 Whyte Ave NW

If you decide to come here for brunch, you have made (at the very least) one good decision in your life. Their breaded chicken thighs, garlic maple syrup etc. , make for a pretty mean chicken and waffle dish.

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The Buckingham // 10439 82 Ave NW

This is an absolutely delicious vegan-friendly version of this dish ?

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MKT Fresh Food | Beer Market // 8101 Gateway Blvd

Churro-style waffle "fries". Enough said.

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Cha Island Cafe and Lounge // 10332 81 Ave NW

So good. "Lost-for-words" good.

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Have Mercy Southern Table & Bar // 8232 Gateway Blvd

"Fried chicken and donut" is their spin on the classic chicken and waffles dish. But don't just read about it. Go try it out! You'll be in for a treat.

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Central Social Hall // 10909 Jasper Ave

YAS!!! So. Much. Yas. But seriously, the cranberry compote and red wine gravy really take this dish up a notch.

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Sloppy Hoggs Roed Hus BBQ // 9563 118 Ave NW

A truly deliciously southern version of this dish that you seriously need to try. You can also choose to swap out chicken for pulled pork, eggs etc. (menu item called "The Cure"--as seen in the photo above).

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Hart’s Table and Bar // 14229 23 Ave NW

Their brunch menu serves a delicious Chicken and Waffles dish. Don't keep your taste buds from experiencing this. That's just selfish.

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Smokehouse BBQ Bar and Grill // 10810 124 St NW

Bourbon maple syrup. Cornbread waffles. You really shouldn't miss out on this.

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Stages Kitchen & Bar (Double Tree by The Hilton) // 16615 109 Ave NW

They have a "Buffalo Chicken and Waffle" sandwich. So. Good.

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The Clever Rabbit Vegetarian Café // 10722 124 St NW

Yet another must-try meatless version of  this dish!

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Attila the HUNgry // Food  Truck

Keep your eyes peeled for this food truck in the warmer months. Their chicken and waffles are to die for (well I don't know about die--that phrase is WAY too morbid). But seriously. It's amazing! You need to experience it. Also, it's Korean fried chicken with sesame syrup and--actually, go try it out and experience it for yourself :)

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Under the High Wheel // 8135 102 St NW

Pay a visit to Under the High Wheel and have the immense pleasure of indulging in their Harlem chicken and waffle. You won't regret it.

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