Aside from being known as the city of champions, Edmonton has single-handedly become the fastest growing city in Canada, it seems that each year, Edmontonians are introduced to new ideas, events, and restaurants. And to be honest, we have no complaints whatsoever. For those of you who have lived in Edmonton your whole life, will understand.

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Now that we are in 2017, let's take the time to reflect on why Edmonton aka YEG is such a great city, plus list 20 great reasons why you need to visit ASAP. Trust us, Edmonton is more than just an enormous mall with an enormous water park with an enormous amusement park. Let's break down each of the 20 reasons, shall we?

1. We have the world's biggest mall!

This one is a given and to be honest, we don't think this point needs an explanation. Let's just say that West Edmonton Mall has got your back when it comes to giving your wardrobe a makeover.

2. Did we mention that West Edmonton Mall houses the world's biggest waterpark?

Yes folks, we aren't lying when we say that we have the biggest shopping mall in the world.

3. Drake loves Edmonton... no really, he does!

Champagnepapi loves Edmonton so much, that he did a two-night show for his Summer Sixteen Tour with rapper Future at Rogers Place. He even wore an Oiler's jersey (McDavid, to be exact) during his performance and repeatedly reminded Edmontonians that he loves them very much and that they have great energy. *Sniff, sniff.*

4. Edmonton takes festivals VERY seriously.

Edmonton doesn't play when it comes to festivals, each year is jam-packed with festivals such as the Edmonton Folk Festival, Fringe Festival, Pride Festival and the K-Days Festival — you'll can never get bored of festivals!

5. We have our very own UFO landing pad.

Seriously, it was built in 1867 in St. Paul. For what? Well, just in case, you know... aliens were to visit. Just know that if it were to happen, Edmontonians come in peace.

6. This city stands by its sports teams

Even if the Oilers are on a losing streak, Edmontonians will still hit up Rogers Place to show their support. This same notion applies to the Edmonton Eskimos. Heck, they'll even sit in the rain if they have to.

7. Edmonton has the best summers

You would have to be silly af to want to be inside on an Edmonton summer's day. Hello patio season and the great outdoors!

8. A local bakery got a stamp of approval from BuzzFeed.

This is the part where we tell you to check out Duchess Bake Shop, located on 124th street. Heck, click here if you don't believe us.

9. There's a new and improved Royal Alberta Museum.

Alberta's history, and overall awesomeness are very important to Edmonton.

10. We have a freakin' Bacon Festival here!

Do we really need to go into detail with this one? Excuse us while we go wipe off the drool from our faces.

11. The city never stops growing.

Besides the new LRT lines and Rogers Place opening up, Edmonton is no stranger when it comes to being innovative. Whether its with impromptu concerts, free yoga in the park, to contemporary art events, the city never sleeps when it comes to new ideas.

12. Did we mention the restaurant scene?

It seems that every year, a new restaurant makes waves in the city. But c'mon, were not complaining, at least we got more options to choose when it comes to satisfying our hunger.

13. Edmonton has the best architecture

Dear Alberta Art Gallery and Muttart Conservatory, we are obsessed with photographing you. Did we ever mention how beautiful you two are?

14. There's stuff to do in the city even in the winter time

Even in -25°C degree weather, there is always something to do in Edmonton, from visiting the Ice Castles, going skating on the Victoria Park Iceway. It's easy, just dress warm.

15.You can take long walks in the River Valley with your s/o.

Imagine 18,000 acres of green, yellow, and orange space (depending on the season), that connects to 17 parks, 22 ravines, 11 lakes with plenty of trails. If this is up your alley, you'll wanna be here all summer!

16. We have some of the most beautiful neighbourhoods.

If you're wanting to get a real life visual of #HouseGoals, we recommend you check out Edmonton neighbourhoods such as Glenora, Highlands, Riverdale, Crestwood, or pretty much anything that overlooks the River Valley.

17. Edmonton has the strongest sense of community

No, not everyone knows your name, but whenever we need to ban together, Edmontonians show up. Thanks to many non-profit organizations, charities, and volunteer work opportunities, Edmonton always knows how to come together and unite.

18. The people are nice, duh.

They'll stand in line at Tim Horton's and pay for your medium double-double. They'll give up their seat on the LRT for you. They support up-and-coming local businesses. They'll compliment you out of nowhere. They are accepting of other cultures. Shall we keep going?

19. You can road trip to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Need a break from the city? You got Banff, Canmore, and Jasper to choose from. Pick your destination!

20. Have you met Don?

As in Mayor Don Iveson? He's smart, witty, and has a strong vision when it comes to Edmonton's ever-growing future. Oh and, he's nice on the eyes too.

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