I will forever be indebted to Quebec, for gracing us with the ultimate comfort food, poutine. Love it or hate it, those that love it…REALLY love it. So if you’re too broke to fly to Montreal (and like most people, can’t justify making a trip to get a specific food dish), don’t worry--Edmonton has got you covered!

Here’s a list of some of the wonderful places you can go to get yourself some cheesy, carby (not a word, I know) goodness.


La Poutine //  8720 109 St NW

Everyone raves about La Poutine, and once you try any one of their poutine creations, you’ll be raving about them too. So great.

The Pint // 10125 109 St NW  (multiple locations)

Poutine that won’t disappoint.

Rockin’ Robyn’s Diner // 16604 109 Ave NW

Come here for a classic, “rockin” poutine (HA, see what I did there?).


Donair Eateries // multiple locations

Many donair shops like Primetime Donair and Kebab, Queen Donair, Swiss Donair, Jumbo Donair, Nikki’s etc., sell special “donair poutine” that features donair sauce drizzled over a classic poutine. It’s one way to combine your love of poutine and donairs!

The Cheese Factory // 8943 82 Ave NW

Their cheese curds are AMAZING. So add those gems to some fries and gravy, and you got yourself a poutine that will make you very happy. Their cheese is also featured in the poutine at Dixie Lee restaurant.

Smoke’s Poutinerie // U of A

SO many poutine options here! Try not to get too overwhelmed by all the choices. Go with whatever feels right. Listen to your heart.

via @provincialpub

Provincial Pub // 4211 106 St NW

They have duck poutine here, guys! So if you’ve wanted to change up your poutine game, this place is definitely worth a visit.

Normand’s Bistro // 10177 99 St NW

Class up your basic poutine at Normand’s. Their rustic poutine—that comes with a basil aioli sauce, is a tasty way to enjoy this dish.

The Underground Tap and Grill //  10004 Jasper Ave

They have duck poutine here too!! Definitely a great twist on the traditional dish.

Fat Franks // 10329 Whyte Ave (multiple locations)

Have a poutine to go along with a delicious hot dog! With many locations around the city, you’re hunt for this French Canadian delicacy can be made much easier.

The Next Act Pub // 8224 104 St NW

And for our next act we have a scrumptious poutine! Hahaha...I make myself laugh sometimes.

via @thecommonyeg

The Common // 9910 109 St NW

Ain’t no common poutine at The Common (sorry, bad joke). Seriously though, their Poutine A La King is unreal.

Denizen Hall //  10311 103 Ave

You can keep your poutine traditional here, or add on pulled pork/chicken or even a fried egg!

Daravara // 10713 124 St NW

Daravara is so yum. Their poutine is also very yum.

The Buckingham // 10439 82 Ave NW

Vegan “poutine”! and I have the quotation marks because it’s truly Mexi-Fries. However, I feel like if you’re into fries covered in cheese and sauce, this is along the same lines, plus, if you were craving something a little different, it’s a perfect alternative! Since their menu is from "Sailin'on", this can be enjoyed whenever you see the food truck as well.

Marco’s Famous // 10371 112 St NW

Can’t go wrong with their poutine. Definitely hits the spot!

via @stephy_le

It’ Dog // 8621 109 St NW

They offer a lot of different “types” of poutine on top of the traditional version. The kimchi poutine is a deliciously unique way of approaching this dish. You have to try it!

Fargo’s // 5804 Terrace Rd NW

A lovely traditional poutine. Perfect fat to carbs ratio!

Brewsters Brewing Company // 11620 104 Ave NW (multiple locations)

They serve a tater tot poutine, with short beef stroganoff, crème fraiche—I could continue describing this deliciousness, but you should go and try it out for yourself.

Browns Social House // 15331 37 St NW (multiple locations)

A good ol’ fashioned poutine can be had here. It’s ?

The Canadian Brewhouse // 10338 109 St NW (multiple locations)

Lots of poutine options can be found at The Canadian Brewhouse! You can go classic or jazz it up a bit. The choice is all yours!

via @myfriesyeg

My Fries // 16934 107 Ave  (multiple locations)

With lots of different takes on the classic poutine, theres tonnes of options here to fulfill your desire for cheesy goodness.

The Local Omnivore // 10933 120 St

You should try their Brunch Pirate Poutine! It's a delicious a way to start your day :)

Café Bicyclette // 8627 91 St NW

This French-country bistro makes an amazing poutine. Definitely worth a try! Since their menu is in French, you'll be thankful that the French word for poutine is well...poutine (because, obviously). So you'll have no problem ordering regardless of how poor your French is.

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