Figuring out what restaurant to eat at can be hard. Figuring out what restaurant to eat at when you’re vegetarian (and/ or vegan) is even harder. Considering there aren’t as many restaurant options available with these dietary preferences in mind, the choices can seem limited at times.

So if you’re tired of ordering a side of fries/salad every time you dine out with friends—don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Meatless meals can be downright scrumptious when done correctly, and these Edmonton restaurants have done something right (so. deliciously. right.). So here you go folks, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants that serve up tasty vegetarian/vegan dishes. I tried to include establishments that were mostly vegetarian/vegan, but I did also include places that offered a lot of meatless options (the more the merrier, am I right?).

Arcadia Bar // 10988 124 St NW 

Completely vegetarian!

Must-try dish: John Candy Canadian Coconut Bacon Pizza

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Café Mosaics // 10844 82 Ave NW

Entirely vegetarian/tonnes of vegan options

Must-try dish: Happy Cow Stirfry

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Noorish Conscious Eatery  // 8440 109 St NW

Entirely vegetarian/vegan

Must-try dish: Pad Thai

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Sailin' On (Vegan Food Truck) // Check webpage for location

Entirely vegetarian/vegan

Must-try dish: "BLT" Wrap 

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The Buckingham // 10439 82 Ave NW

Completely vegetarian/vegan

Must-try dish: Buffalo "Wings" (with agave sriracha sauce)

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The Clever Rabbit Vegetarian Cafe // 10722 124 St NW

Entirely vegetarian/vegan friendly

Must-try dish: Walnut Chickpea Burger

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Guru Fine Indian Restaurant // 17021 100 Ave NW

Vegetarian-friendly options 

Must-try dish: Cauliflower 65

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Padmanadi //  10740 101 St NW

Totally vegetarian/vegan

Must-try dish: Ginger "Beef"

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Loma House // 9142 23 Ave NW

Entirely vegetarian/tonnes of vegan options

Must-try dish: Teriyaki "Chicken"

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Veggie Garden Restaurant // 10582 100 St NW

Entirely vegetarian/lots of vegan options

Must-try dish: Cilantro Cakes

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Khazana // 10177 ­ 107 St, Edmonton

Many vegetarian-friendly dishes

Must-try dish: Karai Paneer

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Little India Restaurant //  9250 34 Ave NW, Edmonton

Vegetarian-friendly options!

Must-try dish: Dal Makhani

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The Mercury Room // 10575 114 St, Edmonton

Fully vegetarian/vegan

Must-try dish: Vegan Biscuits and Gravy

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Narayanni's Restaurant // 10131 81 Ave

A lot of vegetarian/vegan friendly options

Must-try dish: Braised Masala Mushrooms

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KB & Co // 10224 104 St NW

Entirely vegetarian/vegan

Must-try dish: Chilli

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Remedy Cafe // 10279 Jasper Ave (multiple locations)

Many vegetarian-friendly options/some vegan-friendly options

Must-try dish: Falafel Sajbi Wrap

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Nabati Foods // 12809 66 St NW (formerly, Tamiri Bites)

Entirely vegetarian/vegan

Must-try dish: Pad Thai

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Abyssinia Restaurant // 10810 95 St

Tonnes of vegetarian/vegan-friendly options

Must-try dish: Bozena Shiro

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Workshop Eatery // 2003 91 St SW

Great vegetarian options!

Must-try dish: Winter Vegetables

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Wild Earth Bakery and Cafe // 8902 99 St NW (multiple locations)

Lots of vegetarian options/some vegan options

Must-try dish: Roasted Beets and Kale Salad

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Nosh Cafe // 10235 124 St NW

Plenty of vegetarian/vegan options

Must-try dish: Aloo Cauliflower

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Blue Plate Diner // 10145 104 St NW

Vegetarian/vegan options available!

Must-try dish: Chipotle Chickpea and Sweet Potato Burger

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Highlevel Diner // 10912 88 Ave NW

Some vegetarian options!

Must-try dish: Diner's Vegetarian Burger

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