For those who have lived in Halifax for ages, sometimes you can fall into a bit of a routine.  That routine being Thursdays at Cheers, Friday at Pacifico, Saturday at Toothy’s and Sunday at Lower Deck.

Below we’ve collected a group of unique Halifax bars, restaurants, parks and shops in no particular order that you may never have encountered before, but must check out when you get the chance!

1. The Bridge // 5553 Bloomfield Street

This collaborative North End workspace is the perfect spot for freelancers and remote full-time employees to rent a bit of workspace and maintain focus amongst a group of like-minded professionals.  For those who get lonely working at home, or are looking to network with a new group, this is the perfect spot for you to spend a day or two working!

 2. Narrow Espresso // 5570 Fenwick Street

Narrow Espresso is a little place on Fenwick that serves really high-quality coffee and espresso drinks.  They only serve drinks made with premium quality, organic, fair trade & locally roasted coffee beans, which are delivered fresh weekly.  In addition to the traditional coffee menu they also serve seasonal drinks, tea and smoothies!

3. Jay Wells Salon // 2120 Brunswick Street

This Brunswick Street salon owner does an incredible job of taking really well composed pictures of his business, his customers, and the products he uses on a daily basis to create what seems to be one of the most underrated salons in the city.  Be sure to follow Jay Wells Salon for all your winter beauty inspiration needs, and drop by for a visit when you get the chance.

4. The Flower Shop // 1887 Granville Street

In the middle of winter when you forget what plant life even looks like, brighten up your home by picking up some greenery at The Flower Shop.  Their Granville shop has been in operation since 1936 and offers a huge variety of flower bouquets, shrubs, and trees – all of which are featured at their historic shop.

5. Sauna Nova Scotia // 2616 Windsor Street

Who needs to leave the city for an expensive spa retreat when you have a beautiful sauna right in the heart of down town Halifax?  The founders of Sauna Nova Scotia Erica and Devin Brook built this amazing mobile sauna by hand in 2015, and have been bringing it all over the province for people to try.  This winter they will be parked at 2616 Windsor Street, offering sauna sessions for those looking to escape the cold.

6. The Other Bean Halifax // 6220 Quinpool Road

It’s not exactly hidden, but this unassuming Quinpool Road cafe is making some of the most delicious sandwich combinations Halifax has to offer.  Drop by for a bite, and stay for their craft beer and trivia night!

7. El Chino Snack Bar // 2398 Robie Street

This brand new north-end restaurant has one of the coolest interiors in the city, not to mention great drink deals and delicious authentic Mexican inspired snacks.

8. York Redoubt // Ferguson’s Cove

Designated a National Historical Site in 1962, York Redoubt park overlooking the Halifax Harbour is certainly not a hidden location by any means, however visitors hiking throughout site will have the chance to stumble upon some pretty interesting abandoned ruins and caves if they look in the right places.

9. Halifax Press

For a chance to try some of the best grilled cheese in the city, be sure to track down this Halifax food truck, which will be rolling all over the HRM throughout the winter.

10. Qui Brothers Dumplings //1335 Barrington Street

For some incredible traditional Chinese dumplings, you have to check out this brand new Barrington street restaurant, hidden right below a historic property that was formerly a publishing house.

11. The Patio at The Prince George Hotel // 1725 Market Street

When the weather starts to get warm, make your way over to the Prince George Hotel on Granville and lounge on their comfortable patio with a cocktail and some friends!

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