In honour of the quickly approaching patio season, we decided to compile a list of all the most delicious caesars being served at bars and restaurants across Halifax.  While Caesars are best enjoyed outside on sunny afternoons, these twelve drinks also go well with brunch and a hangover.

Customise your own caesar at Durty Nelly's, or get an oyster as garnish in your caesar at EDNA.  All the drinks we've included below in no particular order are mad creative and super delicious - try all these uniquely Canadian drinks ASAP!

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1. Brooklyn Warehouse // 2795 Windsor Street

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2. EDNA Restaurant // 2053 Gottingen Street

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3. Tom’s Little Havana // 1540 Birmingham Street

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4. Bitter End // 1572 Argyle Street

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5. Your Father’s Moustache // 5686 Spring Garden Road

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6. Five Fishermen // 1740 Argyle Street

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7. The Stubborn Goat // 1579 Grafton Street

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8. Durty Nelly’s // 1645 Argyle Street

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9. Morris East // 5212 Morris Street

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10. Niche Lounge // 1505 Barrington Street

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11. Auction House // 1726 Argyle Street

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12. Black Sheep // 1569 Dresden Row

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