As every Haligonian knows there aren't a ton of options when it comes to clubs in Halifax. Especially, considering the fact that most "clubs" here disguise themselves as a Bar and Grill. For the most part, you can walk into any place in Halifax with a dance floor and they're most likely playing Top 40 hits. Not that anything is wrong with that, but if you'd rather spend your night dancing like a waste to trap music, it can be kind of be hard to find the right club for you. 

Despite the fact that there are only a handful of clubs, many of them have some great feature nights that meet tons of different taste in music. Believe it or not but, Gus' Pub in the North End has one of the best Rap nights in Halifax, and is also a great place to reach if you like live Rock music... So don't stress, if you're tired of hearing Despacito play at the club, I've got you covered. 


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Gus' Pub // 2605 Agricola Street

Gus' Pub has been "Doing Damage" to Rap music for the past 10 years! They run monthly Rap nights that feature some of the best Rap music of all time. You can also catch them on featured nights when the play all of the best tracks from artist like Kendrick, Biggie, and Drake. 

Hip Hop

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The Dome Nightclub // 1732 Argyle St

Even with this crazy new dress code, the Dirty Dome is still the place to be on Friday nights for all things Hip Hop. There is literally no way you'll make it out of Cheers without hearing Ignition or a million songs by Drake. 

Top 40

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Pacifico // 1505 Barrington St

Even though the ceiling is covered in disco balls, there is nothing retro about Pacifico at all. They're always serving Top 40 hits every night of the weekend. Your best bet is to hit up this club on Saturdays when drinks are cheap, and the crowd is living for the dance floor. 


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The Toothy Moose // 1661 Argyle St

If you'd rather spend your Thursday night jamming out to country music instead of getting Dirty at the Dome. Toothy's has got you covered! You're always guaranteed to have a time at Toothy's no matter what day it is.


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The Seahorse Tavern // 2037 Gottingen St

Spice up your life! If you didn't jam to Wannabe in front of a mirror while using a brush as a microphone then you're too young for this club... The Seahorse Tavern is the best place in Halifax for all things 90's, and 80's. Saturday nights at Seahorse are truly one of a kind. You'll feel so nostalgic that you'll be heading back every weekend for your Backstreet Boys fix. 

Classic Rock

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The Lower Deck // 1887 Upper Water St

If you know all of the words to Don't Stop Believing, then Lower Deck will officially be your new favourite bar in Halifax.Halifax's most beloved cover band Signal Hill, performs everyone's favourite classic rock hits every Sunday night at Lower Deck. It's also student night on Sundays, so it just another reason to put your weekend homework off until Monday. 


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The Local // 2037 Gottingen St

Wednesday nights at The Local are all about chill vibes. If you like Jazz music, specifically live Jazz, you'll love this little North End gem. You can choose to sit and eat, bust some lowkey moves on the dance floor, or let your inner pool shark out. Plus, cover is free and like every good bar, the drinks are cheap! 

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