Instead of hoping your friends will throw you a surprise party, or going for dinner & drinks (again) with the squad, take matters into your own hands this year and organize a birthday celebration that you'll never forget.  You deserve to take at least one day out of the year to really treat yourself and do something awesome in the city.

We've put together a list of twenty one new ways you should get accustomed to celebrating your special day.  Get a huge group of friends together, or just your closest homies and spend the day celebrating at one of these awesome spots. And if your crew does pull through and end up surprising you...well...that'll just be icing on the cake.

1. Go Rock Climbing At Seven Bays

Get a group of friends together and head over to this indoor North End Bouldering facility for an awesome afternoon of climbing!  Not only can you get a delicious espresso drink or craft beer and a snack, but after you’re finished eating head over to the indoor bouldering wall and challenge yourself to try something new.

2. Rent A Ballin’ Penthouse Downtown

There are some amazing deals on downtown Halifax penthouses available through Air BnB – rent one of these beautiful spots out for a night and host a legendary dinner party/pre drink with a huge group of your friends.

3. Submerge & Relax At The Flotation Centre

The Flotation Centre on King Street offers Haligonignans the chance to wash away their stress by spending 75 minute sessions floating in an enclosed bath of salt water, calming the senses and providing the ultimate relaxation experience.

4. Organize A Wine Tasting At Obladee

If you’re a wine lover, you have to try one of the tasting sessions offered by this upscale Barrington Street restaurant.  Obladee provides groups with the chance to try either a more informal, stand-up wine tasting, or sit-down classes that give a detailed history of each wine being shared - there's something for everyone to try!

5. Party On A Boat

Murphy’s offers harbour tours and booze cruises aboard their Tall Ship Silva, which is docked right on the Halfiax Waterfront.  Organize a group of friends to indulge in some drinks and apps aboard this beautiful ship as part of your next birthday celebration.

6. Shoot Some Pool At Locas Billiards

This brand new pool hall just opened up on George Street, and you gotta see the way they’ve utilized this incredible space!  The building has a very cool old school charm to it, with wood panelled walls and some classy cocktails available at the bar.

7. Join A Cooking Class At enVie

Learn to cook like a pro at one of enVie’s vegan cooking classes, hosted by some incredible Halifax based chefs at their Charles Street restaurant.

8. Embark On A Camping Retreat

Winter camping can be fun if you plan ahead!  Rent a heated cabin near Ingonish or Baddeck, and take in the beautiful scenery of the Cape Breton Highlands or the Cabot Trail by embarking on hikes, kayaking expeditions and overnight camping trips throughout the area.

9. Go To A Concert

Organize a group of friends to get drinks at The Carleton or The Seahorse, and take in some amazing live musical talent.  This month there are also some huge international musical acts coming through Halifax, including Simple Plan and The Sam Roberts Band!  Click the links and check to see if their shows line up with your special day!

10. Hit Up Pong Social Club

Rent a Ping-Pong table and grab some cocktails with friends at the Pong Social Club, where the old Taboo used to be on Grafton Street!  Organize a tournament with your homies and make the losing team buy everyone drinks at this brand new Halifax club.

11. Throw Some Axes At The Timber Lounge

Because haven’t you always wanted to?  Make your action movie dreams a reality at Timber Lounge on Agricola Street.  This brand new Halifax bar allows groups the chance to hit some pretty ambitious targets by whipping an axe across the room.  They also serve craft beer!

12. Challenge Yourself At The Great Escape

Immerse your friends in a Halifax Explosion mystery as part of The Great Escape.  Band together to solve the mystery of Cameron Claymore’s elusive past, and figure out how to stop one of the biggest man-made explosions in human history at this fun North End role playing activity.

13. Sing Your Heart Out At Karaoke Night

Sometimes there’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than by getting a group of friends together for many drinks before hitting the town in search of a karaoke bar.  Oasis and Cheers both host some awesome karaoke nights at which you can yell along to “Don’t Stop Believing” six beers deep as loud as you want and no one will say sh*t.

14. Go Paintballing At Seabreeze

Drive out to Lawrencetown with a group of friends for some paintball action at Seabreeze Paintball’s outdoor field.  This awesome local company offers year-round gear rental and group party packages at a super agreeable price, making it the perfect spot to spend your next birthday.

15. Treat Yourself!

It’s your birthday, you’re allowed to spoil yourself!  Go shopping at the Mic Mac Mall, or get a mani-pedi at the Spirit Spa on Salter Street.  Get your hair done at Flaunt Hair Salon on Windsor street and get a massage afterwards at BodyMends Massage Therapy – you deserve it!

16. Race Your Friends At Kartbahn

Zip out to Otter Lake Court near Bayers Lake and take on your friends in an epic Go Cart Race, but also make it clear beforehand that it’s your birthday and you expect them to let you win.

17. Attend A Class At The Atlantic School Of Skydiving

Your birthday is the one day every year when everyone around you is doing their best to make you feel like you’re number one.  You're filled with excitement and adrenaline all day – so what better time to face your fear of heights and jump out of a plane…right?  Experience the ultimate rush with a *very* experienced guide at the Atlantic School of Skydiving in Maitland, just outside of Halifax.

18. Try A Dance Class

Do something new and try a hip hop, salsa or pole dancing class with some friends for your next birthday celebration.  Check out Halifax Dance on Barrington Street and Serpentine Studios on Birmingham Street and find out when you can enjoy their next awesome drop in.

19. Go For High Tea

Those in search of a classier birthday celebration should get some friends together for high tea at the World Tea House or The Old Apothecary Bakery & Café.  Try some delicious snacks and drink teas from all around the world that you wouldn’t normally experience!

20. Get Some Air At The Nova Scotia Indoor Trampoline Park

Flip out with some friends at the Nova Scotia Indoor Trampoline Park in Dartmouth.  Bounce off the walls and play a bunch of extreme trampolining games at this one-of-a-kind facility for your special day.

21. Score A Hole-In-One At The Putting Edge

Head out to Chain Lake Drive for some glow-in-the-dark mini putt, and school your friends with a perfect round of nine Happy Gilmore style to kick off your next birthday celebration

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