Plant-based food has become the latest craze this year. From high-end restaurants to fast-food chains, meatless options are popping up on menus everywhere. The Beyond Meat Burger made an entrance at several big fast-food chains as an alternative to traditional meat patties. McDonald's debuted their own meatless burger in the fall, but only at a handful of Ontario restaurants. Now, the McDonald's Beyond Meat Burger is expanding to more spots across the province.

The fast-food chain first launched the plant-based alternative at 28 Southwestern Ontario stores in September.

Dubbed the P.L.T. (plant, lettuce, tomato), the burger will be available at 52 locations across the province starting on January 14.

The P.L.T. will only be offered for 12 weeks, so don't wait too long to get your hands on one.

Locations include stores in Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and surrounding areas, as well as London-area venues that were already carrying the burger.

For a full list of P.L.T. locations, check here.

The Beyond Meat patty was crafted exclusively by McDonald's to bring customers the same taste and satisfaction they would get from traditional burgers.

Served on a warm sesame bun, the burger is topped with tomato, pickles, lettuce, onions, ketchup, mayo-style sauce, mustard, and processed cheese.

The patties are free of artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives. They are cooked on the same grill as traditional burgers and eggs.

The P.L.T. will retail for $5.99 plus tax, though prices may vary depending on location.

Beyond Meat products have also made appearances at chains such as Tim Hortons and A&W.

In the fall, Tim Hortons cut its plant-based options from most Canadian stores except for B.C. and Ontario. 

McDonald's is launching its P.L.T. for a limited time to see if it catches on and to get feedback from customers. If the burger is a hit, we could be seeing more of it in more restaurants soon.

McDonald's P.L.T.

Price: $5.99

Why You Need It: Indulge in some limited edition plant-based goodness at even more McDonald's locations.

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