Sometimes, you don't want to feel basic. You don't want to have a regular meal for dinner, or have regular drinks with friends. You want a martini, a tower of seafood, and a fancy dessert without feeling bad about it. You wallet will hate you, but your stomach won't. 

There is nothing like treating yourself. Who says you can't live the high life every once and a while? Ottawa is an expensive city, but there are ways to get around it. This is not one of them. So for those who want to eat, drink, and socialize like you're in Sex and the City, here you go. 

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Social // 537 Sussex Dr

Social is one of the fanciest restaurants in Ottawa, and dining there will make you understand why. They put so much effort into their food, the presentation and the vibe of the restaurant speaks for itself. If you want to feel fancy for your birthday or just any day of the week, this is the place to me. 

What to have: Rack of lamb ($38)

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Restaurant 18 // 18 York Street

Restaurant 18 is a decadent restaurant that serves only the finest food. They have a seperate cheese and wine menu, so that says fancy on it's own. Their restaurant vibe is to die for, and their food will leave you feeling like you're a celebrity. 

What to have: Citrus dhal fritter ($31), any cheese plate!

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The Whalesbone // Multiple Locations

At Whalesbone, the menu changes all the time so you'll always be able to try something new. Their food is super gourmet, and the seafood here is so fresh. If you've never been here before, anything you get off the menu will make you feel so fancy. 

What to have: Anything that has lobster in it!

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Salt // 345 Preston St

Salt is a luxury dining lounge where you would find a lot of the Ottawa Senators eating. You can be sure that you'll be treated like gold here, and in the summer you can sit by a fire on the patio. Sounds fancy AF to me. 

What to have: 8 oz filet mignon ($46)

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The Shore Club // 11 Colonel By Dr

The Shore Club is the prime seafood and steak restaurant in Ottawa. From lunch to dinner, they have the most gourmet food that you'll ever try. Their classic seafood towers will give you everything you need and more, and don't forget to order a drink to make yourself feel extra fancy. 

What to have: Shore Club seafood tower ($99)

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Giovanni's Restaurant & Dining Lounge // 362 Preston St

Giovanni's Restaurant & Dining Lounge is a great place to catch up with friends if you still want to be super fancy. Their bar area is absolutely beautiful, and you can't compete with their rich food. 

What to have: Gnocchi e Mozzarella

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Fairouz // 343 Somerset St W

Fairouz is a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves the most unique dishes. Not only is their restaurant absolutely beautiful, but the food will make you feel like you're dining with the king and queen. They do Middle Eastern twists on North American food, so it's super unique and you won't find it anywhere else. 

What to have: Squash manshi ($26)

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Rose Bowl Chophouse & Lounge // 1717 Carling Ave

Rose Bowl Chophouse & Lounge gives us major Sex and the City vibes. It's always a good time here, and their entrees are absolutely delicious. If you want to catch up with your girlfriends, and you're not broke for once, this is the place to be for sure. 

What to order: Alaskan king crab ($55)

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Luxe Bistro // 47 York St

Luxe Bistro is in the heart of the ByWard Market, and it's a prime spot for anyone who loves a gourmet meal. This luxurious restaurant has the best truffle fries, and it's definitely fancy but also laid back at the same time. They even have a lobster burger, so you know that spells out fancy. 

What to have: Steak frites ($40)

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Atelier // 540 Rochester St

Atelier is the perfect place to take someone for their birthday, or maybe if you just got a huge promotion at work. They serve a 12 course meal every night and the menu changes regularly. Each course is devine, and even after 12 courses you'll want more!

What to order: 12 course meal ($125)

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