Ottawa isn't Canada's most glamorous city, we know. We don't have Vancouver's coastline, Toronto's rap superstar, or Montreal's amazing shopping, but there is one thing we're good at - being used as filming locations for movies set anywhere but here.

A lot of Hollywood movie makers, notably horror/thriller ones, have used Canada's capital discreetly for their big-budget movies, and unless you're particularly good at looking at trees and realizing their exact topographic origin, you'd probably never know.

If you're feeling defensive about being from Ottawa every time your big city friends make fun of you, here's a list of 11 movies (with actual famous people) that were filmed here. 

1. The Blackcoat's Daughter // 2015

Starring Emma Roberts and Kiernan Shipka (of Mad Men), horror flick The Blackcoat's Daughter was filmed in Ottawa for our especially chilling winters. Premiering at TIFF in 2015, the story focuses on two girls stranded at a prestigious prep school after their parents suspiciously fail to pick them up from winter break.

2. Penthouse North // 2013

This thriller is set in New York, but was filmed in downtown Ottawa. Starring ex-Batman Michael Keaton, it tells the story of a reclusive New York journalist who encounters a smooth criminal. If you're watching it for the first time, try to look out for the Wine Rack on Elgin Street, which was shut down for a few hours as the crew came into film.

3. Sacrifice // 2011

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Christian Slater star in this fast-paced action flick about an undercover cop involved in a drug ring left with the responsibility of a defector's five year old sister. Notable Ottawa locations include the legendary Byward Market.

4. On The Road // 2012

Based on a novel by literary legend Jack Kerouac, this adventure drama did a portion of its filming close to home in Gatineau. Starring everyone's favourite vampire lover Kristin Stewart, it tells the story of a young writer who spends his life travelling the country and meeting new people who shape his experiences.

5. The House At The End Of The Street // 2012

This J-Law staple horror flick was actually filmed in Ottawa. Although it's set in Woodshire in midwest America, scenes from the movie were shot at Algonquin College and Metcalfe - if you take a closer look, the "American" locations have Bilingual signs.

6. The Sum Of All Fears // 2002

Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman star in this legendary Tom Clancy movie, which centres around a younger Jack Ryan trying to stop a Russian-American nuclear war. While most of it was filmed in Montreal, there was additional filming done in Ottawa's famous Cold War Diefenbunker.

7. Mr. Nobody // 2009

This eleven-time award winning fantasy drama was filmed all around the world, including Ottawa. Starring Jared Leto, it revolves around a one hundred and eighteen year man named old Nemo as he tells his life story to a reporter in 2092.

8. Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It // 2014

What's a Canadian stoner flick without filming at Parliament Hill? If the title didn't clue you in enough, this movie focuses on character Ricky's road trip to Ottawa for the purpose of protesting an impending bill threatening his (credible) distribution business.

9. Too Young To Marry // 2007

Starring a pre-vampire Nina Dobrev, Too Young To Marry was a straight-to-TV romcom set in a small Connecticut town but was filmed in our small Canadian city. Another one with an obvious title, it centres around a teenage couple getting married way too early.

10. Batman & Robin // 1997

Remember when George Clooney was Batman? A small part of that was filmed in Ottawa.

11. I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House // 2016

This is Netflix's first Ottawa produced film, and we're pretty excited. It stars Golden Globe award winner Ruth Wilson, and it's set to release this October.

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