Food is everyones top priority. Even if you're the pickiest eater in the world, you still love food. However, once you move out, go to school or just become a young adult in general, food starts becoming the last thing on the list of important things. But it's essential to survive, so let's all remember that.

If you're broke or not, everyone can benefit from saving money. Spending 30 bucks on a meal is not ideal, and it won't get you very far. How about spending 10 bucks max on a meal, and it still being absolutely delicious? That's my kind of meal. So here are 11 places to go eat in Ottawa if you're broke AF.

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1. Bobby's Table // 255 Montreal Road

Bobby's Table is the perfect place to go for breakfast or brunch. They have a breakfast special which includes two eggs with your choice of side for only $3.75, as well as other popular breakfast dishes for under $10. If you spent a lot of money the night before and want a hungover brunch, this is the place to go.

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2. El Camino // 380 Elgin Street

If you've never been to El Camino, you're missing out. They have unreal tacos for $5 a piece, but on Sundays after 9 pm they have pork and tacos del norte for only $3 a piece. If you add on a drink (which you should, their margaritas are amazing) it may be a little more expensive, but definitely still in a doable price range.

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3. Shafali // 308 Dalhousie Street

Shafali, which is a delicious Indian restaurant, has so many choices to choose from for a cheap price. From vegetable curry to their amazing tika wraps, you can't go wrong at this restaurant.

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4. El Furniture Warehouse // 77 Clarence Street

If you didn't already know, El Furniture Warehouse has $5 dollar dishes that are so amazing, you'll wonder why they're so cheap. You can get a full meal for $5 and not even feel guilty about eating bad because you're saving money. They have amazing burgers, so I recommend that if you want to try it out!

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5. Father & Sons // 112 Osgoode Street

Father & Sons is a great restaurant, especially since it's so close to uOttawa. However, what's even better is their 35 cent wing night special on Mondays. If you're a student and live near uOttawa, this will save you a lot of money on Mondays. Just fill up on wings, they're protein and protein is good for you, right?

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6. Fiazza Fresh Fired // 86 Murray Street

Fiazza Fresh Fired is a great restaurant for those on a budget. You can choose from a wide range of delicious pizzas, most which are under $10 and if they're not, they're not that much more expensive. You can eat in, get it to go or have it delivered which is even more amazing!

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7. Tomaso Grilled Pizza and Panini // 450 Kanata Avenue

Tomaso Grilled Pizza and Panini knows who to target. A small pizza is only $11, their large panini is $8 and their pasta is $8 as well. You can get a healthy salad for $10 with chicken added, and you'll be good to go for the day. They have so many different varieties of pasta, panini's and pizza that you won't ever get sick of the food and the prices.

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8. World Burger // 1651 Merivale Road

At World Burger, most of their burgers are $8.49 and absolutely amazing. They have combinations that you wouldn't think would work, but just do. And if you're a true Ottawan, you'll definitely try out the Ottawa Burger which has maple mayo, sautéed onions, mushrooms, candied bacon and cheddar cheese. Yum!

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9. Oriental Chu Shing Restaurant // 691 Somerset Street West

Oriental Chu Shing has so many cheap options, you won't know where to start. With dumplings for only $5, and a filling meal for $11 you'll leave being so satisfied and with a food baby. If you're really trying to save, they have chicken fried rice for only $9.75 and the portion is huge.

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10. The Green Door Restaurant // 198 Main Street

The Green Door restaurant is a vegetarian buffet, and it's so delicious. Since it's a buffet, you can really determine how much you spend and still get a decent amount of food. You can fill your plate anywhere from $7 to $15 dollars, with dessert included.

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11. Cô Châm // 780 Somerset Street West

Cô Châm is a Vietnamese restaurant that is so cheap, you'll wonder why. They have bowls of delicious vermicelli for only $6.95, Bánh mì (a Vietnamese sub) for only $2.25 and so much more!

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