Us Canadians adore the food that only we have here, and it's such a staple in our country that we can't imagine other countries not having it. But it's true, poutine is a Canadian dish that is the best comfort food, hangover food and definitely a great breakup food. There are so many different varieties of poutine that it's hard to keep up with but we all know a good one when we have it. The kind of poutine that doesn't try too hard but is mind blowing–you know exactly what I'm talking about and it's always at the most random spots.

So I've gathered a list of what I think every poutine lover in Ottawa will appreciate and you will definitely find your newest obsession on this list. It's not everyday that you find the best poutine in your city, so take this list of 14 places to try delicious poutine and let me know which one is your fav! Add this to your bucket list of food, friends.

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Pong's Poutine // 2079 Carp Road

Pong's Poutine is a cute little chip truck that sells unreal and crazy poutine options. They have even gone as far as a breakfast poutine which has an egg, bacon and sausage. The best hangover cure? I think so.

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Elgin Street Diner // 374 Elgin Street

Elgin Street Diner is like comfort food to us Ottawans. And if you've been there and never tried the poutine then you're totally missing out. They keep all of their options somewhat normal, but you can also go crazy and order poutine with onion rings instead. Definitely a meals that worth cheating on your diet for!

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Smoke's Poutinerie // 407 Dalhousie Street

Where do I even begin to explain Smoke's Poutinerie? It's basically a dump whatever you want onto poutine kinda place and it works 100% of the time. Their menu is massive and you'll never run out of options to try. They also have vegetarian options which is definitely hard to find.

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The Great Canadian Poutinerie // 200 Deschamps Avenue

Mainly serving poutine with a "side" of orders that would normally be a meal, your experience at the Great Canadian Poutinerie will be like no other. This place is similar to Smoke's Poutinerie but part of their menu is international which means you can feel at home while still being Canadian AF.

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La Pataterie Hulloise // 311 Saint-Joseph Boulevard

If you want amazing and classic poutine then this is the place for you. A mix between chip truck and restaurant poutine, this adorable shack in Gatineau will fulfill your deepest poutine cravings. Make the trip and you'll be more than satisfied!

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Fritomania // 2442 St Joseph Boulevard

The freshest fries in the world that sometimes you have to wait for them to cook them to get the best experience you can. A little shack in Orleans, this place is severely underrated. It's known to have other delicious items besides poutine, but that's their main attraction. If you're ever driving by this little place, make a u-turn and stop by because you'll regret it if you don't!

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JP's Crispy Chips // 1384 Baseline Road

Your typical chip truck, but way better and way more options! Most chip trucks you can expect just a small, medium and large poutine but JP's Crispy Chips gives you options for what kind of mood you're in. Feel like a hamburger and a poutine? Just mix it all together and call it a day!

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Les Brasseurs du Temps // 170 Rue Montcalm

This restaurant is in Gatineau, but they definitely know how to make a traditional poutine taste unreal. Using local cheese curds and spices, as well as different recipes for poutine, you'll want to dive in to this dish every single day. They only have a few options on their menu but what they do have sounds delicious and definitely more simple than most.

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Zak's Diner // 14 Byward Market Square

If you haven't been to Zak's Diner before, what are you doing? It's open 24 hours and has one of the best diner poutines ever. Since it's open 24/7, there is no excuse to not try this delicious and comforting plate of poutine.

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Mill Street Brew Pub // 555 Wellington Street

Montreal smoked meat poutine: the most Canadian meal ever and I'm obsessed. Put this on your bucket list to try as it doesn't get any better than this. Mill Street Brew Pub definitely got it right with this meal, and we all need to run over there and try it.

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Hintonburger // 1096 Wellington Street West

Another classic poutine, but there's nothing better than that. They are the epitome of upscale diner food, which is great if you're looking for something other than fast food but more fancy than that. Using all the ingredients to make a simple poutine, this still gets a vote of a delicious Canadian dish in Ottawa.

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The 3 Brewers // Multiple Locations

The 3 Brewers have 3 different poutine options: traditional, pulled pork and duck confit. All sound gourmet and mouthwatering however if you want to take it to the next step you can add beer-battered maxi fries. Just when it sounded like it couldn't get better...

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OCCO Kitchen // 3018 St Joseph Boulevard

Just picture the best poutine ever but a little bit more gourmet and you have yourself OCCO Kitchen's poutine. Their herbed fries give the dish such a different flavour and makes it seem more like a meal than a side dish. If you want to treat yourself but still want diner food, order this.

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Bier Markt // 156 Sparks Street

Bier Markt has a classic poutine... but they also have one with candied bacon. Yes, candied bacon, Quebec cheese curds, scallions, crème fraîche, hand cut fries & delicious gravy. I mean... if the candied bacon wasn't enough then I don't know what to tell you.

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