What greater good in this world is there than fried chicken? It baffles me to this day how something can be so golden, crispy and beautiful on the outside, but also so juicy and tender on the inside. There is no greater beauty than fried chicken. Fried chicken is love. It's life.

We rounded up the best spots in the nation's capital that grace us with this southern fried dish. Apologies to Colonel Sanders and the kindred saints who brought Popeye's to Ottawa. You didn't make the list, but we love you. Forever and always.

Here are seven of our favourite places to grab fried chicken in Ottawa:

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1. The Fry // 280 Elgin St.

It was love from the very first golden crunch. This is the place that put truly delicious Korean fried chicken on the map here in Ottawa. If you thought that fried chicken was big in the American South, look at South Korea. Fried chicken and beer is a way of life there. This place is an example for the whole city and I truly hope for more Korean fried chicken places to open in and around Centretown. But, for now, this place makes my heart full.

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2. Crispy's // 1433 Woodroffe Avenue

Shoutout to the Algonquin College students: This place is just one kilometre from campus. Crispy's is an unassuming spot on the west side of town that always ensures a crispy, golden coat of skin that will satisfy your deepest fried chicken temptations.

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3. The King Eddy // 45 Clarence St.

There's almost too many ways to enjoy The King Eddy's "northern" fried chicken. Well, no. There isn't. There's never enough. You can get the unique, bronze chicken in a classic bucket or enjoy it with an even more classic serving of waffles and rich whiskey gravy.

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4. Rosie's Southern Kitchen & Raw Bar // 895 Bank St.

There's plenty of delicious southern grub at Rosie's, but the massive servings of golden fried chicken atop those truly special, creamy garlic mashed potatoes is something else.

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5. Fatboys Southern Smokehouse // 34 Murray St.

Authentic southern fried chicken served alongside fluffy Belgian waffles. Pro-tip: Ask for the Alabama white sauce. The chicken and waffles is a clash of two very different cultures atop a glorious silver plate. And there's that rich cornbread just to top you off before you get your bill.

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6. Slice&Co. // 399 Elgin St.

Fried chicken? In a pizza place? It can be done and done well. Their buttermilk fried chicken with chipotle honey-dip serves as the perfect appetizer for one of their many famous deep dish pizzas.

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7. Bowman's Bar & Grill // 1170 Carling Ave.

You know when people say, "Oh, it's like a party in my mouth!" Well, something like that. The lightly marinated boneless fried chicken served with white hominy and smoked cheddar waffles is one of the most unique flavours in the city.

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