Sometimes, you just need a drink. And a lot of times, you want that drink to be far, far away from Ottawa where all of your problems are. I got you.

Since Gatineau is so close to Ottawa, it's the perfect place to get away without having to travel hours and hours. You can grab your girlfriends, drive on over and have the best time. I mean, if you're with your BFFs, you can't not have an amazing time. It's nice to get a change of scenery, and a change of drink menus. So here are the 8 best places in Gatineau to grab a drink with your BFFs!

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1. Le Pub du Bon Vivant // 70 Promenade Du Portage

Drink suggestions: Litchi martini, creamsicle mimosa, jolly rancher

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2. Ou Quoi Salon Urbain // 48 Rue Laval

Drink suggestions: Greyhound, sundae Sunday, sweet-bitter

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3. Soif Bar à Vin // 88 Rue Montcalm

Drink suggestions: Try a small trio (3 glasses of 2 oz) of wine to get a variety!

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4. La Cage // 325 Boulevard Grébe

Drink suggestions: Raspberry collins, cucumber tanqueray, English bay pale ale

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5. Les Brasseurs du Temps // 170 Rue Montcalm

Drink suggestions: Melon round, sugar shack, apple ale

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6. Chelsea Pub // 238 Chemin Old Chelsea

Drink suggestions: Chambord lemonade, black velvet pint, sangria rosé

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7. Le Forum // 815 Rue Jacques-Cartier

Drink suggestions: Ruby beer, red/white sangria, blue lagoon

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8. Houston Avenue Bar & Grill // 7 Boulevard Montclair

Drink suggestions: Caesar, raspberry martini, meloncucumber collins

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