There is nothing quite like weird food combinations. Whether you're someone who puts ketchup on their Kraft Dinner, chips in their sandwiches, or I've even tried peanut butter on a hamburger (it's delicious btw), food combinations can get pretty weird. If you Google 'weird food combinations' you'll come across some intriguing but also pretty gross combos. Although a donut burger doesn't come up when you type that in to Google, we can all admit it's something we'd love to try. 

I think this trend of weird food combinations is intriguing. Sushi burritos are still a thing, and they're delicious. Also, salty and sweet foods are to die for. And nothing says salty sweet like a donut burger! 

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Burgers n' Fries Forever is an amazing burger spot here in Ottawa. They have the most insane burgers that will blow your mind and your taste buds every time. They have a burger n' fries of the month special every month, and this April, in celebration of 4/20, they've crafted a delicious donut burger that anyone can enjoy. You think their other burgers are insane? Think again!

This donut burger is called 'We Be Glazin' and yes, we're laughing at the reference. What's on/in the donut burger? Well, it has a caramel Doritos crushed donut on top, and then there is beef bacon, cheddar and a beef patty. And if you opt for the fries (because you obviously should), the fries have mozzarella sticks, Doritos, cheese curds, and gravy. So basically, it's everything you'd ever want and more. 

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This is the ultimate cheat day meal. Since it's only available through April, you need to get to Burgers n' Fries Forever ASAP! This isn't the first time the restaurant has done a donut burger either. Last April, they created a burger called ' Cluck the Beach Bod' which had homemade deep fried chicken, smoked applewood cheddar, and grilled jalapeños on a grilled maple chilli glazed donut. Are you hungry yet? 

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Burgers n' Fries Forever has two locations in Ottawa, 329 Bank Street and 287 Dalhousie Street and their hours vary. This donut special is only available at the Dalhousie location. For more information on menu, these burgers, and locations, visit their website here

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