Ottawa is so Instagram worthy! Around the capital, you'll find plenty of incredible photo opportunities. No matter if you are looking for the perfect selfie spot, epic marquee sign, or beautiful landscape around the city there are endless spots for you to capture for your social media feed.

If you are looking to enhance your Instagram feed, here are some of Ottawa's Instagramers favorite spots. Here are 30+ locations in Ottawa to help inspire you where to photograph your next post.

Fairmont Chateau Laurier

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Ottawa's own castle, the Fairmount Chateau Laurier is the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos. No matter if you photograph the majestic exterior or the opulent interior filled with gold detailing and chandeliers the Chateau Laurier is a must Instagram location in Ottawa.

Quelque Chose Patisserie

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When in the Byward Market you need to visit Quelque Chose Patisserie to see their Ottawa sign! Chances are by now you've posted pictures of the Ottawa sign in the Byward Market, but Quelque Chose Patisserie has their own amazing Ottawa version made out of macarons. For the perfect shot, take a photograph of your dessert in front of the sign.  

Central Experimental Farm

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Ottawa has its very own stunning sunflower field that you need to capture for your Instagram feed. In late summer the Central Experimental Farm has a large sunflower field that makes the perfect backdrop for a selfie. Another favorite photo spot that you can use all year is at their Tropical Greenhouse which has a gorgeous white structure.

Little Joe Berrys

Little Joe Berry knows how to design sweets that you want to share on Instagram. The vegan bakery in Hintonburg is always offering new amazing desserts such as their unicorn or narwhal sundae, black soft serve ice cream cones, or ice cream filled watermelon slices.

Nesting Dolls Street Art In The Glebe

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Located in the alleyway between Lost Marbles and Little Victories Coffee on Bank Street you can a brightly colored street art. The alley is painted with several Russian nesting dolls, with some of them wearing aviator goggles and sunglasses. This spot makes a fantastic backdrop for taking selfies.

Parliament Of Canada

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No visit to Ottawa would complete without at least one Instagram post of the iconic Parliament buildings! Throughout the year there plenty of photo opportunities from fireworks at Canada Day, flowers at Tulip Festival, the Sounds and Light Show in the summer, or over the winter when the Parliament of Canada is lit up at Christmas.

Andaz Ottawa

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Copper Spirits and Sights on the rooftop of the Andaz hotel in the Byward Market is one of the best Instagram spots in Ottawa. The rooftop patio provides a spectacular lookout of the city. Before you leave the hotel make sure to visit the massive marble wall by the hotel's lobby which makes an excellent backdrop for all your selfies.

Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe

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Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe is a dreamy cafe on Bank Street that has adorable swinging chairs. Visit this chill shop to enjoy a cup of coffee to try their delicious oatmeal for breakfast. While at Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe make sure to take a selfie of you relaxing in their hanging chairs.

Rideau Falls Park

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The twin falls where the Ottawa River meets the Rideau River makes for an impressive Instagram photo for your feed. To best photograph the Rideau Falls you can head to the Rideau Falls Park. Another excellent photo spot is at the Tavern On The Falls, which is along Sussex Drive and has an outdoor patio overlooking the falls.

The National Gallery Of Canada

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Every Ottawa local needs a photo at the National Gallery of Canada in their Instagram feed. At the gallery, you'll find tons of great photo opportunities like Hold That Thought neon sign by multimedia artist Kelly Mark, or the giant 30-foot tall spider Maman by Louise Bourgeois.

Princess Louise Falls

For instant vacation vibes in your feed, you need to photograph the Princess Louise Falls. It is hard to believe, but this magnificent waterfall is located in Orleans and not in the middle of a lush jungle in the Carribean.

Jacques Cartier Park

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You have until October 15th to photograph the breathtaking plant sculptures that are part of MosaiCanada. Located along the Ottawa River in Gatineau, the park is the perfect spot to take landscape shots as it serves as a lookout point of downtown Ottawa.

Canadian Museum Of Nature

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Within the glass structure at the front of the Canadian Museum of Nature, you can find an enormous inflatable jellyfish looks surreal when photographed. For the best photo spots try shooting below the jellyfish, or from the front exterior of the museum.

The Beach Shack

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The Beach Shack is a hidden gem in Ottawa. The brightly colored cafe sells ice cream and slushies to help you cool down over the summer. Located at Mooney's Bay, you can photograph this cute spot for instant beach paradise vibes.

National Arts Centre

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The newly renovated National Arts Centre needs to appear on your Instagram feed. For a glam selfie, head upstairs to the modern red chairs for the picture-perfect spot. At night make sure to snap a picture outside of the illuminated Kipnes Lantern.

Foreign Cinema

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Foreign Cinema was designed for Instagram. The stunning restaurant in the Byward Market is the perfect place to take photos with your friends. Between the heart wall, palm leaf wallpaper hallways or no request pls neon sign you won't have any shortage of epic backgrounds for your next group photo.

Mer Bleue

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Mer Bleue gives you a northern boreal landscape in the city. With over 20 kilometers of trails, you can stroll along the boardwalks and photograph the peaceful setting which is filled with birds and other wildlife. For the perfect shot, capture the path leading through the lush green environment.

Chinatown Gate

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No trip to Ottawa's Chinatown would be complete without photographing the archway. Located on Somerset Street, the Chinatown Gate is a massive structure that is intricately decorated. Photograph the Chinatown Gate leading into Chinatown for the perfect landscape shot.


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Give your feed some major Southern California vibes at Banditos. The newly opened restaurant in the Glebe screams to be photographed - there is an outdoor patio swing chair, and there is a retro van on the patio where you can order cocktails!

Remic Rapids

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For the perfect sunset shot head to the Remic Rapids. Located on the Ottawa River, here you can find astonishing balanced rock sculptures at the edge of the river. Instagrammers love to come here for sunset and capture the silhouettes of the rock sculptures against the brightly hued sky.

Morning Owl Coffeehouse + Parlour

This local hot spot has a leaf wall that local influencers love to photograph themselves next to. Head inside their Parkdale location to get the perfect Instagram pic of yourself enjoying a cup of coffee or their delicious soft-serve ice cream next to their tropical leaf wallpaper.

Nepean Point

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Located behind the National Gallery of Canada, Nepean Point is one of Ottawa's best lookouts. Situated on a hill next to the Ottawa River, here you can get dreamy sunset photos of the Parliament and the Canadian Museum of History.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

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The oldest and largest church in Ottawa, the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica needs to be photographed. Located on Sussex Street, the church is a prime example of Gothic Revival architecture. Head inside to photograph the gold gilded altar, stained-glass windows, and beautiful vaulted ceiling.

Ottawa Art Gallery

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From beautiful art to a sophisticated cafe, Ottawa's newly renovated art gallery is the perfect spot to take Instagram photos. The Ottawa Art Gallery is free to visit, so you can easily visit the gallery to share pictures of your favorite artworks with your friends. Make sure to head to Jackson Cafe for a great photo spot, here you will find a stylish space with plenty of gold accents.

Preston Street 

Add an inspirational message to your Instagram feed by visiting Preston Street. Here you will find the 'live your story' mural which makes for a beautiful cityscape Instagram photo.

Casino Lac Leamy

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The Casino Lac Leamy is so Instagram worthy! The casino is constantly hosting fun theme nights where they have photobooths where you can take the best photos. They have done everything from cowboys to the swinging 50s, so make sure to plan ahead to see when the next theme night is so you can capture the fun on your Instagram feed.

Rideau Hall

For an eye-catching, dramatic room head to Rideau Hall. As part of the daily tours, you'll be able to take a picture of the red and white tent room which makes for the perfect Instagram picture. Another excellent photo spot is next to the ceremonial guards in their red uniform.

Rideau Canal

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For a perfect winter shot, head to the Rideau Canal to photograph people skating. Although the canal looks beautiful in photographs throughout the year, skating on the Rideau Canal is an iconic photo everyone in Ottawa needs to post at least once.

Laval Street

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Head to Laval Street in Gatineau for a colorful photo of the umbrella-covered street. You can find the umbrellas on the Gatineau Culture Trail, which is a 3km red line around some of the best sights and places to eat in Gatineau.

Canada Science and Technology Museum

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Lego people and an upside-down room, the Canada Science and Technology Museum is a fun photo spot in Ottawa! The newly renovated museum is entertaining for kids and adults, and you'll find photo opportunities too.

Ottawa Sign

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The Ottawa sign is a must-have photo for tourists and locals. You can find the sign on York Street, often surrounded by tourist. For the perfect shot post between the letters of Ottawa.

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