Going out to a cafe with your friends whenever you have a chance to meet up is always a great way to spend time together. There are so many cafes in Ottawa, getting through them all can be a fun bucket list challenge for you and your friends. It's time to add an extremely gorgeous and classy cafe to your cafe bucket list. 

When you're Downtown Ottawa finding a cute cafe to sit at can be pretty easy. Around every corner is at least one cafe, not to mention the ByWard Market having some amazing hidden gem cafes. But if you live in places like Orleans, Kanata, or Barrhaven, finding super cute cafes can be pretty hard.

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Cafe Cristal is a stunning cafe that will immediately make you feel like the royalty that you are. It features classy chandeliers, pretty roses, and a colourful tile floor that will add some spring colour to your Insta-page real quick! If you're looking for a place to spill the tea, throw some shade, and sip away this is 100% the place for you. 

The cafe is a combination of the French countryside along with the refined beauty of the Arabesque. The treats that they serve up are inspired by both France and Italy, so you already know the snacks will be scrumptious. Some of the baked goods that they serve up include sweet and savory croissants, cookies, scones, and muffins. Desserts include tiramisu, brownies, triple chocolate mousse, and macaroons.

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With so many yummy treats it can be easy to think that that's all, but wait there's more. Cafe Cristal also serves up the most delicious crepes and waffles. Some of the waffle flavours include Snickers, Strawberry blossom, and Simply Chocolate. Crepes are only served on weekends until 2 pm. Some crepe flavours include Apple Pecan, Pesto Chicken, Canadian Maple, and Cheese Melt. 

The cafe offers a variety of teas and coffees to sip on while you snack, chat, or work away the day. Not to mention they serve up a lavender latté with colourful sprinkles that is very Insta-Worthy. Honestly, if you love specialty coffees or teas, you will for sure enjoy your time at Cafe Cristal. 

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Cafe Cristal is located at 240 Kennevale Drive in Barrhaven. They are open until 10 pm Friday and Saturday. If you love everything about cafes you will definitely love this pretty cafe. Whether you go for out with your friends, go for a date, or simply go solo to get some work done, you are bound to enjoy your time here. For more information about Cafe Cristal be sure to check their website here

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