There's nothing like a scrumptious brunch to start off your day. Whether you like eggs benedict or French toast, brunch always comes through with unbelievable meals. There is no better way to begin your day than having a serious brunch. Getting out of bed late Sunday morning and heading out for brunch is a staple weekend activity.

Ottawa is home to many brunch spots perfect for a brunch date, but if you're looking for a new weekend meet up spot, then look no further. This new restaurant in Ottawa serves up a variety of brunch classics as well as many lunch and dinner options. 

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The Third has a small town restaurant vibe with a simple design and great food. The menu at The Third is simple, small, and classic. It's a perfect place to go to get a classic lunch or brunch. The Third focuses on creating quality meals  that are warm and comforting. Portions at The Third are smaller to avoid food waste. 

Ashley Struthers is the owner of The Third. She stayed in Ottawa after finishing university here, but she grew up in Merrickville. Being from Merrickville, Struthers wants to recreate the best things about small towns in Ottawa. She believes that The Third is a place where everyone can come together and feel completely welcome. 

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The Third's name has an interesting back story. It is inspired by American Sociologist Ray Oldenburg. Oldenburg created the term "third place", meaning an informal gathering place that is important to promote a healthy civil society, civil engagement, and democracy. The Third is just that by being a perfect neighbourhood restaurant. The Third serves up so many meals that you can enjoy while meeting up with your friends. Some meals include: 

  • Eggs Benedict
  • Mish Mash Hash
  • Classic Triple Decker Club on Homemade Bread
  • French Toast
  • Fish and Chips

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If you're on the hunt for a brand new spot to brunch, look no further because The Third has got your back. Head here to indulge in a classic brunch meal on Saturday or Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm. For more information about The Third, visit their Facebook page here

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