There's honestly nothing better than the sweet smell of cinnamon mixed with the richness of icing sugar in the morning, or any time of day really. Walking past a bakery and getting a whiff of delicious cinnamon buns is like heaven on Earth and almost irresistible! 

There's a popular cinnamon bun shop that has been taking over Canada and now they're finally opening up their very first location in Ottawa! Cinnaholics is totally unique because all of the cinnamon buns they make are completely vegan. So you can indulge without the guilt! 

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Cinnaholic just recently opened stores in Toronto, Edmonton and Winnipeg and now they're finally setting up to open their very first shop in our Nation's capital. They recently announced the news on their Facebook page on Monday and we couldn't be more excited! 

The brand new vegan cinnamon bun shop will be located at 900 Exhibition Way which is right in The Glebe area of Ottawa. In the past, they've offered free cinnamon buns at new location openings so maybe they have something special like this in store for Ottawa as well! 

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Their new location will have all of the most popular and beloved flavours including frosting flavours like cake batter, cream cheese, chai, marshmallow, and even banana cream! Some of the toppings you can choose from including their popular cookie dough, pie crumbles, fruits, graham crackers, and more. 

They haven't announced their official opening date yet since they just the other day announced that the store will be opening. But we can only hope that their doors open soon! 

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Keep up with their Facebook page for updates on the opening date! 




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