It's Friday night and you're sitting quietly on the couch, when the thought of something special creeps into your mind. You don't know whether it's admiration for its perfectly round shape or the tantalizing smell that hypnotizes all your senses but you do one thing for sure - you've found love in a cheesy place.

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You can't resist the thought of devouring its tasty goodness, so you cave and decide that you want pizza for dinner. Not just any kind of pizza though, the ridiculously cheesy mouthwatering kind. Well, you're in luck, we've heard your pizza prayers and have decided to answer them with a list of the cheesiest pizzas in town.

Here are some of the best options in Regina, when all you want is hot and cheesy pizza in and around your mouth.

via @famosopizzeria

Famoso Pizzeria // 118 Scarth Street

via @ninamacdonald97

The Artful Dodger // 1631 11th Avenue

via @dapizzancurry

Da Pizza N Curry Express // 221 Victoria Avenue

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Juliana Pizza // 5064 4th Avenue

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Cathedral Social Hall // 2062 Albert Street

via @houstonpizza

Houston Pizza // Multiple Locations

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Tumblers Pizza // 2104 Grant Road

via @aileen_ssugi

Fireside Bistro // 2305 Smith Street

via @fixer67

Sparky's Restaurant // 3296 Gordon Road

via @thecanadianbrewhouse

The Canadian Brewhouse // 4820 Gordon Road & 2005 Prince of Whales Drive

via @bpreginasouth

Boston Pizza // Multiple Locations

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