While everyone was excited about the highly anticipated return of the pumpkin spice latte, others noticed another fall menu item. The new Starbucks apple drink in Canada is called an Apple Oat Flat White. After I had my first PSL of the season, I ordered the drink and was surprised that it tasted exactly like a breakfast cereal form my childhood.

You can only get this new fall item in Canada and according to the company it's made with "Starbucks signature espresso, steamed Oat beverage, apple syrup, and finished with a clove sugar topping."

Opting for both the iced and hot versions of the new beverage, I placed my order.

When they came up on the bar, I could immediately smell the scent of apples even though my mask.

Because it was so fragrant, I was expecting a strong, candy apple sweetness, but at first sip, my expectation was flipped.

It tastes exactly like Apple Jacks

Not overly sweet at all, this fruity and oaty drink is perfect if you want in on fall drinks without the β€” let's face it β€” overwhelming sweetness you get in a PSL.

Trying the cold one, it tasted exactly like the leftover milk in a bowl of Apple Jacks mixed with a sweet espresso.

The tops of both came dusted in sugar but it was actually quite subtle.

I have a strong preference for the hot version of this drink since the oat milk gets velvety smooth when you steam it.

The cold one is great for those days where it's still kind of hot but you're struggling to wear your cozy sweater and determined to experience fall.

At my local watering hole on West Broadway in Vancouver, there was no line up to speak of.

But I'd line around the block to get to try one of these again.

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