Starbucks and Uber Eats have gone above and beyond to get your coffee needs covered as they partner up to do door deliveries. As of today, Aug. 15, 2019, you can order Starbucks delivery in Canada across different cities in Ontario, BC, Alberta, Nova Scotia as well as in Saskatoon and Winnipeg. There will be hundreds of participating locations, and you can order most of the stuff from the menu, including drinks customized to your taste.

Starbucks tells Narcity that Ontario will have the most participating locations. 48 Ontario cities will have the service available. BC will have the second-largest amount of participating cities, coming in at 17. Alberta will have 7 participating stores.

"Order your team their favourite lattes for the Monday morning meeting or have lunch delivered to the park. Uber Eats is very excited about partnering with Starbucks to unlock the power of on-demand delivery," says Dan Park, General Manager of Uber Eats Canada.


The possibilities of this service are looking pretty great. Starbucks from anywhere without having to move? This was something we've been waiting on since last month. We know you'll all benefit from this at one point or another, so let your imagination run wild thinking about all the places you can now get your Starbucks fix delivered. 

They will have special packaging to ensure the quality of hot and cold beverages, by the way. Hot beverages will be made extra hot before delivery to ensure your coffee doesn't turn up lukewarm. Starbucks tells Narcity that all orders will be placed in sealed bags with your name on it for accurate delivery. 


Starbucks has also developed a two-cup-to-go-tray exclusively for its delivery services to transport multiple drinks at a time. They will also have a strawless lid stopper for cold bevvies with complete with strawless lid cups. 

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