Have you been drinking eggnog and gingerbread frappuccinos on repeat lately? We have a new cold and refreshing holiday beverage for you to try and it's going to hit you with a wave of Christmas nostalgia. The Starbucks secret menu drink, "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer," comes complete with the cute red nose and it's too cute.

Right now, there is no shortage of Starbucks secret menu items to enjoy like the "Grinch" frappuccino or "Elf"-themed drink.

This latest new unofficial holiday beverage is perfect for anyone who loves strawberries.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is one of the most-loved classic holiday films.

It tells the story of Santa's most famous flying reindeer with a glowing nose.

Now you can enjoy a delicious frappuccino inspired by the movie.

The Rudolph frappuccino was created by Totally The Bomb and is a sweet blend of mocha and strawberries. 

This is a totally customized creation that you can't ask for by name. It's not on the menu since it's a secret recipe.

Also, just a heads up, this beverage takes a few extra minutes to prepare. So it would be best to order it when your local Starbucks isn't too busy.

According to Totally The Bomb, you will need to order a custom mocha frappuccino. Either the creme-based or coffee-based version will work.

Next, you'll need to request java chips placed at the bottom to look like reindeer tracks.

The final step is adding some strawberries to the coffee and chocolate goodness.

You'll need to ask for a layer of gooey strawberry puree over the blended mocha before they add the whipped cream.

Make sure to say yes to the whip, and ask for a single dehydrated strawberry for the nose.

After that, your Rudolph Frappuccino is ready to be enjoyed. We suggest you snap a photo of the cute drink before you enjoy it to share with your friends.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Frappuccino

Price: 💸

Why You Need To Go: This secret menu Starbucks drink is a yummy blend of chocolate and strawberries.

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