There is so much talent in St. John's, especially when it comes to visual arts. Tattoo artists make up a special little niche in the city. These individuals create incredible work that is mind blowing on a different level. The way they blend colours and draw incredible figures on your skin is always an amazing sight.

Every artist has their own style that they are known for. Whether it be traditional, watercolour, or realism each has their own forte. These artists will make you want to get another or get inked for the first time. Have a gawk at the work of the professionals that are based in St. John's.

Dave Munro // Trouble Bound Tattoo

Dave Munro has been around the block that's for sure. He's known for his sleeves and crazy body tattoos. He's so outstanding he has a hashtag that features much of his work. Hit him up at his home base Trouble Bound Tattoo. #davemunro

via @troubleboundmike

Mike LeDrew // Trouble Bound Tattoo

Another pioneer at Trouble Bound Tattoo is Mike LeDrew. LeDrew has 18 years of experience and has traveled the world presenting his crazy skills. Starting in T. Dot he is now calling St. John's his home base. You need to check this guy out.

via @bradbrowntattoos

Brad Brown // Trouble Bound Tattoo

If you want a portrait tattoo then Brad is your man. After spending many years in Calgary Brown eventually decided to move back to Newfoundland. He has spent a good few years at Trouble Bound and does fantastic work — as you may have already seen.

Miguel Rowe // Tattoo Society Inc.

So dedicated to his work he tattoo his eyeballs. Talk about extreme tattooing. Miguel does a variety of great work and also body modification. You can check him out at Tattoo Society.

via @gabriellepowertattoo

Gabby Power // Trouble Bound Tattoo

The only lady at Trouble Bound and she totally kills it. Gabby Power makes tattooing look like a piece of cake. She's done some exceptional work and some big pieces. If you're looking to get some ink you have to check out her stuff.

via @andrewrwarren

Andrew Warren // Trouble Bound Tattoo

Andrew Warren is one guy who knows his stuff. Originally from Toronto he came to Newfoundland and we are so happy he did. His work is pretty spectacular and he's done so many different pieces. Be sure to check him out at Trouble Bound downtown.

via @ladyloscustomtattoos

Laura Casey // Lady Lo's Custom Tattoos

I've had the pleasure of seeing this girl's work in action. She's perfected her craft and her use of colour is amazing. If you're interested in her work you need to stop by Lady Lo's above the Ship downtown. You won't be disappointed!

via @tjonestattoo

Travis Jones // Skin City Tattoo

Owner of Skin City Tattoo and it's no wonder why. Travis produces some serious work and is loved by many. His work looks so damn real it's hard to believe it's just ink on skin. He's perfect if you're looking for something that monochromatic with black tones.

Jess Kearley // Skin City Tattoo

Another girl tearing up the tattoo scene. Her use of highlights and shadows makes her untouchable. Her various pet portrait tattoos leaves me mesmerized. If you're looking to get your furbaby inked on you then she is your girl.

via @tattoosocietyinc

Vicki Stapleton // Tattoo Society Inc.

Vicki is a tattoo artist who does some serious work. Inking a variety of styles she is popular for her new school tattoo style. Illustrating Yoda, Mario and the list goes on. She should be on your list if you want some new tats.

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